Monday Memories: Who Was That Shocking Red Rabbit On The Way To Roseville CA

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I still remember the first time I flew back to Sacramento International Airport, heading to Roseville California, right after they opened the new terminal. I had fallen asleep on the long flight and put my glasses into my purse for safety. I was so tired, I didn’t wake up til we landed abruptly on the ground. I grabbed my belongings, and headed out to the airport waiting area without remembering to put my glasses back on. I started walking down the airport terminal, still half asleep and peering half-blindly at the area around me, totally lost and bewildered!

After asking for help, I kept going. I made it safely onto the monorail car that took me to the main area, walked a few steps, then stopped in shock. WHAT was that blurry red thing in front of me?


Whatever it was, it made me perk up enough to get out my glasses, figure out what in the world was going on, and then realize, I was looking at a giant red spiderman! No, wait, this wasn’t my grandkids’ fave character Spiderman, it was a GIANT RABBIT in a Spiderman costume. No, wait again, it apparently was supposed to look like that.

I finally found an employee who smilingly explained it was one of the many new, exciting and intriguing items to be found in this new, beautifully up-to-date terminal. It was a weird way to return home and, listening to conversations around me, I realized I was definitely not the only one to be somewhat shocked and befuddled. But I survived and made it safely to Roseville where I told everyone I saw about the HUGE Red Rabbit at the airport!

That was a few years ago. Last week, I passed through that same terminal, wide awake, with my glasses on, and again smiled at that ginormous Red Rabbit. He’s become an “old friend” now, I’ve seen him so many times. And he STILL always reminds me of my grandkid’s favorite character, Spiderman. Which, of course, always puts a smile on my face – both because the rabbit is so very BIG and cute AND because he reminds me of my sweet grandkids.

Hmmm, he may not be your normal airport decor, but I have to admit, I really like seeing him each time I fly in and out of Sacramento International Airport. Fun thoughts, fun memories, and fun airport decor! How about you? Do you like that Red Rabbit? 🙂

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