Mod Pizza Restaurant in Roseville Plus Bagel Restaurant In Rocklin, Roseville Parkway Surprise, and Miscellaneous RoundUps

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Mod Pizza Restaurant in Roseville CA


I enjoyed an early dinner with loved ones at Mod Pizza Restaurant in Roseville CA a couple months ago plus read about a new Bagel Restaurant in Rocklin CA that just opened and thought I’d share about both of them, plus MORE!

My grandkids and I enjoyed an early dinner at Mod Pizza Restaurant in Roseville CA a couple months ago and really enjoyed it!  It’s a bit different than your normal pizza – skinnier, which I like as much as thick pizza. But what I really liked about it is that you can each get your own individual pizza and have whatever toppings you  like. They offer 3 sizes – mini, mod, and mega.  So I had a mod-sized pizza with red sauce, cheese and veggies – including my most fave, artichoke. The grand-kiddos went with pepperoni – which I do like, but my tummy is not as fond of lately. My pizza was delish and just the right size for me.  The grandkids loved theirs as well!

You can even make a pizza salad there. “Create your own salad on a warm asiago pizza crust.” And if you prefer traditional salads, they have plenty of those as well, including Garden, Greek, and Italian Chop!

If you’re in the mood for dessert, they currently have an option called Cinnaslice with gooey cinnamon sugar plus cream cheese icing, tucked into crispy dough. I have to say, it does look appealing! However, if it appeals to you, you had best hurry because the website states it’s only here for a limited time!

The staff was great as well – patient with our (meaning MY) various questions as we were new to the restaurant! I always appreciate that!  And after reading this page, discussing their work culture, I appreciate it even more!

Want to see the menu? Just click here.

WOW! Mod Pizza Restaurant  was started in 2008. Today,  there are 500+ with 57 in California including our very recent Mod Pizza Restaurant in ROSEVILLE!!!  If you’d like to check it out yourself, you can find them in the Nugget Shopping Center on Blue Oaks – 190 Roseville Pkwy, Ste 100 Roseville, California, 95747 (916) 749-1350


Roseville Parkway Is Growing!

If you looked at the address for Mod Pizza (above) and went “WAIT A MINUTE! THAT CAN’T BE ROSEVILLE PARKWAY ALL THE WAY OVER HERE!   THANK YOU for keeping me company! BECAUSE,  that’s exactly what I said!

But I was wrong! Apparently, Roseville Parkway is growing in interesting ways. It will be fun to watch it as it continues to grow and eventually fully attach to the REST of Roseville Parkway and East Roseville Parkway. Hmmmm. I wonder whether there will eventually be a WEST Roseville Parkway? 😀

And, of course,  I had to look further and wow! I made some interesting discoveries! I thought you might enjoy them as well. Or did you already know ALL about this ahead of me! (Guess I HAVE been busy with all my great real estate clients! 😀)

Read more info all about the Roseville Parkway project at the City of Roseville CA! – Click here!

And check out this very interesting video about the Roseville Parkway extension.



MORE Info about the Current Roseville Infrastructure Projects

For EVEN MORE Current Infrastructure Projects – click here.There are a LOT!

Wondering what’s up with the coming  Roundabout at Washington, All America City, and Lincoln intersection?  The Roundabout they are constructing on Washington will need a traffic direction change starting this week! So when you drive from about Pleasant Grove towards the  City Hall in Downtown Roseville on Washington, keep a close eye out for the new directions. BEST ADVICE – from Pleasant Grove to Downtown Roseville, drive cautiously, carefully and keep an extra eye out for any changes!  We appreciate ALL our hardworking city staff out working in the heat to make things easier for us down the road and want to see them stay safe – and you as well! 😀
You can read more about it all by clicking here (as well as finding maps with more details about the traffic direction change)

Bagel Restaurant in Rocklin CA!

I heard Bagel Street Cafe was opening a new location in Rocklin.  I looked them up and found they are located at 4819 Granite Drive. Then I called them and talked to one of their staff who confirmed they are fully open 7 days a week, from 6am-3pm. And yummmm, their menu looks good – from simple bagels to full-on breakfast and lunch options! Click here for the menu for the brand new Bagel Street Cafe in Rocklin. (Ordering online is not currently available.)

More Resources for a Happy Budget

Have you been to the new Goodwill on Foothills Blvd, that was previously occupied by Gold’s Gym. It’s in the Foothill Village Oaks retail center at  5110 Foothills Blvd. Roseville  – in the same shopping center as the Dollar Tree. With several sweet grandchildren, I really appreciate both those stores! In fact, I just bought a Scrabble Jr. game in great shape from the Goodwill on Fairway for only $3.99 ! We have the game, but got it used at JBF last year and it was missing a few tiles. We only started playing it this year and my 6 year old grand LOVES it. So this extra set will be a big help and I still ended up paying less than full price for the two combined. (A great tip for those saving for a down payment on a house, not to mention all us fellow grandparents!!!! 😁)

A New Restaurant in Rocklin CA, a Fairly New Restaurant in Roseville CA, and More!

Definitely lots of exciting new happenings in our Roseville area! I’m looking forward to checking out the new bagel restaurant in Rocklin and re-enjoying Mod Pizza restaurant in Rocklin. And let’s all navigate Washington carefully – or even easier, skip it altogether and take Foothills or E Roseville Parkway to the other side of town. And aren’t we GLAD we have Roseville Parkway! I can’t wait to go over the railroad when they finish it. According to the plans, it should be GORGEOUS! Did you already know about it? I’d love to hear! 😀

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