42+ of the Sweet Joys of Roseville 2016

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Don’t you love living in Roseville CA? It’s a great town to live in, work in, play in, enjoy senior retirement living in, and more! Y’all probably already knew I felt like that based on past articles. 🙂 But it seemed appropriate to share it yet again as I reveal, drumroll please…My latest video about Roseville 2016 Joys:

Would you believe, these are photos from JUST Roseville 2016 pix – late winter 2016 – early summer 2016 to be specific. And that’s NOT all the photos in my phone. In fact, later tonight I REALLY must delete a ton because I’m running out of room. 🙂

In case you are wondering what each photo represents, here’s a “cheat sheet:”

  1. The flowers are pretty much self-explanatory – I do love flowers so there are several real AND faux, like these from a fave garden spot – Green Acres NurseryRoseville CA real estate agent blogger Kaye Swain sharing Roseville 2016 joys like Green Acres Nursery
  2. The blue pix #3 is the new downtown restaurant Cheese Louise‘s community “bulletin board” window. I love that they are sharing many fun things to do in Roseville there.
  3. Tomato Joys – my senior mom had such a good time caring for her precious tomato plants. She keeps them in her garden wagons and moves them in and out of sun and heavy wind, watering them as needed. And with the exception of one particular plant that I wish I knew the name of (so I won’t buy it again), they were ALL delish!
  4. Roseville Cyclery – they have the no-pedal bikes that are often easier for kids to learn to ride on. I had a lovely chat with one of the staff about those since my grandson had fun with one of those types of bikes.
  5. Living in Roseville CA means getting to enjoy many tall trees, Oaks and more! They provide such great shade when I’m walking, enabling me to walk even on hot days in many areas. (Especially if there’s a Delta Breeze! Not sure what the Delta Breeze is? Per Wikipedia, it “comes in from the Bay area, brings cooler temperatures and higher humidity.”)James-Hall-Park-West-Roseville-CA-95747-via-real-estate-agent-blogger-Kaye-Swain
  6. Palm trees may not give off a lot of shade, but they do make me think of California and I love them as well!
  7. Music in the Park, Movies in the Park, Santa in the Park…. So many fun things to do in Roseville thanks to the City of Roseville Parks and Recreation department, RCONA (Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Associations), and many MANY volunteers! Thank you one and all! 🙂
  8. Golfing and turkeys now go together forever in my heart – they’re so much fun to see all around our sweet town of Roseville 2016 and beyond. 🙂
  9. You’ll see several photos of our GREAT police officers. I am blessed to get to know many through volunteering with neighborhood associations and RCONA and they are all terrific! And my friends and family and I are so grateful for ALL that they do, including volunteering many extra hours for special things like RPAL, helping raise funds for the Special Olympics, and more! HOORAY!
  10. One of the many beautiful old (and in this case, historic) homes in the original areas of Roseville with lovely porches all round.
  11. You will spot a couple of photos representing our Roseville libraries including the new mobile library that also pops up in the Town Square at times. Very cool ideas!
  12. Roseville parks are near and dear to my heart as I often took my kids to them, and now my grandkids! What a blessing they are to so many. And did you know that we have OVER 70 parks in Roseville 2016 (I’m dating it since by 2020 etc. there may be more 😉 )! Awesome!
  13. Our schools are well-rated here in Roseville, and we have many talented students of all ages and abilities doing a variety of fun and interesting things including SPORTS such as at Woodcreek High School. Very fun to hear about and see. 🙂
  14. My sweet senior mom is enthralled with the birds, squirrels, lizards, and other cute critters she thoroughly enjoys in our yard and in our neighborhood!
  15. You’ll also spy lots of 4th of July photos including one of me – many of us had a great time running, or helping the runners (that was me), early on Independence Day, followed by a grand parade that included several people I know. THAT makes a parade especially great in my eyes. How about yours? Kaye-Swain-Roseville-CA-REALTOR-blogger-shares-sprayground-kids-fun
  16. Another of the summer fun things do Roseville CA is the sprayground. It is running and every time I pop over to the Civic Center I see plenty of kids, big and little, enjoying it thoroughly.
  17. Have you heard about the brand new Farmers Market on Saturdays in the Roseville Downtown Square? I’ve heard great things about it! That’s in addition to our other terrific Farmers Markets including: Whole Foods Parking Lot, Kaiser Medical Center Parking Lot, and Denio’s every weekend. Very tasty and healthy eating!!!
  18. You might see me out and about knocking on doors in our local neighborhoods. Sometimes for work (real estate 😉 ), other times for volunteer duty (usually delivering neighborhood association newsletters), etc. I see so many cute home decor ideas, like the adorable green frog, sweet home door mat, golf door knocker, and more!
  19. Did you know that Vernon Street is part of the historic Route 40? Very cool!
  20. We are blessed with many great churches in our area and I love to share those of friends and family.
  21. So many great options for healthy eating in our area, as well, including the natural food sections at various grocery stores including Raley’s and Safeway.
  22. As you might guess, Neighborhood Watch is near and dear to my heart and I’m always thrilled to see a NW sign posted when I’m walking around the neighborhood.
  23. Things have eased for us drought-wise, hopefully for good. But many homes have converted to water-wise, drought-proof ground covers and one of my fave ideas is the faux rivers! So pretty and no water needed.
  24. I appreciate the many ways Roseville CA provides for us to find out what’s going on, from email updates to Facebook info to ALERTS for emergencies!
  25. Gotta love the many ways kids and adults can stay cool in the summertime, from sprayground to aquatics centers to Sunsplash and more!
  26. Don’t you appreciate the great job Roseville does overall, including handling our trash so responsibly? From cheerful drivers collecting refuse and green waste as well as working at the dump to e-waste options to shredding and medication collections days periodically to recycling, they do a grand job indeed!
  27. 🙂 I remember the first time I heard the homecoming fireworks at Woodcreek High School in the Woodcreek Oaks neighborhood. In this day and age, I was concerned it was a bomb. But when I went outside to check, lo and behold it was beauty in the sky. I still enjoy them each homecoming and June and I also do my best to share the news of the upcoming fireworks at Facebook.com/RosevilleCaliforniaJoys 🙂
  28. So many adorable cute critters in and around Roseville with a special hug for my sweet granddogs – near and far.
  29. Roseville and California are both so good at getting info out to us to help us to vote responsibly, whether it’s local elections such as city council all the way up to the Presidential race. And FYI, come September in Roseville 2016, there will be a City Council Forum hosted by RCONA to help us meet and learn more about the City Council candidates in case we haven’t decided who to vote for. (I have – at least for one 😉 but it will help for the other two seats.)
  30. Yup, open houses are another important part of my life in Roseville 2016. It’s so much fun to show off the various homes we are helping to sell and get to know others from around Roseville.
  31. With a husband who was a major train fan, Roseville has been a railroader fan‘s delight. And the trains are a vital part of Roseville’s history as well. Very cool!
  32. Crafts are an important part of my life – with kids, then with grandkids. It’s so much fun getting creative crafting ideas with the various talented people I’ve met in Roseville including neighbors who are  wonderful quilters, one who makes awesome planes out of plastic bottles, and other sweet delights. My grandkids thought those were cool as well! One of my Sun City Del Webb Roseville neighbors enjoys plane making in this golf course retirement community
  33. Westfield Galleria at Roseville is one of the gorgeous malls in the area. I don’t go often, but I always enjoy the trip when I do – including fun things like these people sized chess pieces I spotted around the holidays. The kids playing with them were having a blast! I really appreciate how several of the shopping centers including the Galleria and the Fountains at Roseville have a variety of fun things going on throughout the year, and not just shopping and sales (though they are fun too!).
  34. Other fun things to do in Roseville 2016 included going to see live performances – plays, musicals, concerts, and more. I thoroughly enjoyed Mary Poppins live last year and HMS Pinafore was a hit as well. I enjoy sharing many of them at Facebook as well as Pinterest.
  35. Denios Farmers Market and Swapmeet is a vital part of Roseville’s history AND current day lifestyle!
  36. Another important component in Roseville includes the various active senior retirement communities including Sun City and The Club at Westpark by Del Webb, Eskaton facilities, and more. Many wonderful options for a variety of needs, from aging in place to assisted living and more.
  37. Even my grandkids got in the spirit of celebrating Roseville 2016 with me as we created these cool chalkboard-style signs about some of the fun things to do in Roseville.
  38. Have you ever heard of Hands-Only CPR? I have learned about it every other year when I get re-certified for CPR and First Aid. I was quite proud of our Roseville Fire Department as they are also teaching it on YouTube and in classes around the city. Very cool!
  39. We enjoy so many great places to eat in Roseville including a family favorite, El Pollo Loco! Not to mention Olive Garden, El Azteca, Chick-fil-a, Mimi’s, Paul Martin, Fats Asia Bistro Roseville, PF Chang’s, Sizzler, Roseville Mongolian BBQ, In-N-Out, A Slice of Goodness, Cheesecake Factory, Round Robin, and so many MANY more (these are just some of my favorites 😉 ).
  40. With a good variety of local stores in Roseville from the Bridal Box to Sparrow 5 to Antique Trove and more, you can have fun visiting and discovering sweet surprises no one else may have. It’s a great way to support local area businesses and neighbors. Of course, we also have an excellent variety of national chains like Michael’s Crafts and Hobby Lobby (my go-to places to buy craft materials and projects to enjoy with the grandkids), Walmart, Home Depot and Lowes, and more. Not to mention my own company, Keller Williams. 🙂
  41. We also have two major medical centers in Roseville – Kaiser and Sutter – along with many doctors, dentists, veterinarians, and other medical professionals who work hard to help us stay healthy! And I am so grateful to them!
  42. One of the photos at the end isn’t in Roseville. BUT the Sacramento International Airport is only a short drive from Roseville and a great place to head when visiting family and friends, or traveling on business. And boy, do I appreciate that we have a couple of ways of getting there from Roseville. Very handy to be able to head up Baseline to the 99 if the 80 is jammed, or vice versa!

Fun Memories in Roseville 2016

There’s a lot of fun memories in all these photos of Roseville 2016. I had such a delightful time making this video and hope y’all enjoy it as well – while also maybe learning something new about this great town of ours. Living in Roseville CA is indeed a sweet joy! Got comments or questions? We’d love to hear them – here or at Facebook.com. 😉


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