Fall & Holiday Things to Do In Roseville

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Fall and Autumn Bliss In Photos and Video

Fall is preparing to give way to winter but still lingering beautifully. Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous around Roseville CA right now? The skies are blue, most of the time. The temperatures are cool. There is so much lovely fall foliage, with many of the leaves deepening in colors and keeping me in a state of perpetual “autumn bliss.” Plus there are lots of¬†fun things to do in and around Roseville CA and the greater Sacramento metro area! ¬†One of my fave things to do is snap photos constantly. That includes photos of flowers, trees, and other lovely plants. I¬†especially love photos of¬†colorful fall foliage.¬†Here’s a video of some of those photos taken¬†throughout November with¬†bright¬†deep hues on many of the leaves. And by the by – since most of the following info is out-of-date, after you watch the video,¬†¬†click here to head to my category page, Holiday and Seasonal, where you’ll find all my posts¬† on fun things to do in Roseville CA for holiday and seasonal fun! The most recent is always at the top. ūüôā¬†

Click here to see my first¬†video of Roseville CA’s fall foliage – taken mostly in October. Lots of lovelies then as well!

Holiday Updates of Things to Do in Roseville and the Surrounding Sacramento Area

Speaking of fun things to do in Roseville as well as Sacramento, Auburn, Folsom, and the surrounding area – especially with the holidays upon us… Be sure to visit one of my posts full of fun holiday¬†Things to do In the Roseville Sacramento area here¬†at¬†Roseville California Joys. Also check out my Pinterest Board. And come LIKE my Facebook page, Roseville California Joys¬†. Once you’ve done that, click on the arrow to the right of the LIKE button. Then click on NOTIFICATIONS. Next click the square to the left of ALL POSTS. That will select all the boxes under all posts. Then you should (if Facebook cooperates)¬†be kept up-to-date on all sorts of fun city happenings for Roseville and the area. Things like parades like the¬†Roseville CA 2015 holiday parade we just had (pix up and down). It also includes updates about fun Downtown Roseville activities,¬†occasional home decor ideas, holiday decor tips, home maintenance lists and other info and more. I’m looking forward to seeing you there!





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