6 Useful Tips About Roseville Green Waste And More

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Is it green waste pickup today or next week?

While walking and chatting on the phone with my sweet mother-in-law recently, I was stopped by one of my neighbors. “Is today green waste pick-up day?” she asked.


I had to think and then reply honestly, “I have no clue. With the holiday and other activities going on, I’ve lost track. I don’t think so and no one else in my neck of the neighborhood had a green waste can out, but that doesn’t always mean it’s not. But I do have a handy-dandy map from the city I can bring you later if you’d like.” She smiled big and said, “Thanks” and off I went with, chatting merrily with my MIL as I finished my walk.

Then I headed for the computer to the City of Roseville’s website and spent about half an hour tracking down the green waste and trash calendar for her. While I was at it, I also got the general info about green waste, how to know which week you have curbside green waste pick up (as opposed to regular curbside trash pickup which is every week- UPDATED 8/2019), the online calendar (as well as a calendar to print out – just type your address in) AND my personal favorite – the page to sign up for the free weekly reminder to take out the trash AND which cans to put out. I rarely forget to take out the garbage. And if I did, I have an alarm setting for it in my iPhone. But I DO forget which week is which for the green waste. So to me, that’s the best part of those phone reminders (they also have text, email, etc.) as they tell you which cans to put out. (If the year passes ad the links are outdated – click here for a search that hopefully will yield the current schedule, if they don’t change things around again. 😉 )

Kaye Swain real estate agent Roseville CA shares green waste home trash pickup tips

Green waste and curbside trash pickup info in Roseville

As I told my neighbor, those phone reminders can come from various areas. When I first started getting them, the caller ID said it was coming from British Columbia! Too odd! But since I have a relative in that area, I answered it and was delighted to discover it was the automated phone reminder.  Nowadays, I think it’s showing Folsom. It always comes around 7ish at night the day before my actual pickup and is quite handy.

I typed all that info up and dropped it off with my neighbor where we enjoyed a few minutes fun chatting on a hot summer day. As I headed back to my house, it occurred to me y’all might like to know this info as well. So here tis:

Kaye Swain real estate agent Roseville CA sharing garbage waste disposal management info

Main page to sign up for reminders – KayeSwain.com/trash-reminders

Garbage and Green Waste Pickup Calendar with the orange and grey lines – KayeSwain.com/2016-trash-calendar – This is a PDF version you can print out of the handy card that you can pick up at various points around the city.

More Roseville waste management tips and info

Of course, there’s more to our Roseville CA waste management than just the pickup calendar. Here are 4 more interesting facts about them:

  1. If you’re new to the area, it’s early evening, you’re getting ready to take out the trash and realize tomorrow is a holiday! So you stand there thinking, “will there be garbage pickup tomorrow????” In Roseville California, the answer is YES no matter WHAT holiday it is!  They have normal trash pick up service even on holidays! Yes! That means trash pickup (including green waste, if that applies) services EVEN ON CHRISTMAS DAY! (It’s been a while since ours has fallen on a holiday but when it does, I try to catch them to share some tasty treats and a thank you card with our driver! 😉 ).
  2. They provide e-waste services in Roseville CA! Per the City of Roseville CA website, “Due to changes in state law, after February 8, 2006, batteries, electronic devices, fluorescent light bulbs and other items, called universal waste, should not be placed in your regular trash.” You can find a full list of items you can NOT put into your normal waste garbage. I like to drop my batteries off at my local grocery store that has containers for them at both doors. Those stores include most Raley’s, Bel Air, Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Walmart, and more. There are even a couple of schools on the list! You can find the whole list by clicking here and scrolling down a bit. For bigger items, like an old computer I REALLY need to erase and turn in, you can call the City of Roseville CA waste management department and schedule home e-waste pickup services! Very handy! And you can also take e-waste (and other trash, of course) to the Western Placer Waste Management Authority’s (WPWMA) Material Recovery Facility (MRF). Or as my dad and grandpa used to say, the city dump. 🙂 They are open 7 days a week from 8am to 5 pm and for e-waste, it’s FREE! For regular residential garbage disposal items the charge has always seemed happily low to me. And they also offer free (to Placer County residents) other waste disposal services that are considered hazardous like thermostats, fluorescent lamps, batteries, etc., at the WPWMA’s Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Facility with the same hours and days open. Both of these are found at 3195 Athens Road which is near the corner of Fiddyment and Athens Road and just one mile or so west of the Thunder Valley Casino. Both the WPWMA MRF and HHW facilities are located at 3195 Athens Road , near the corner of Fiddyment and Athens Roads, one mile west of Thunder Valley Casino. For more info on the MRF policies (along with a button to report odors around the Roseville city dump / landfill), click here.
  3. Medicine and Sharps Medical Garbage Collection – these are handled a bit differently. As with e-waste – none of these items should be put in your home trash for pickup. And never put medication down the toilet, sinks, etc.! You can take the sharps to the same spot at the MRF (Material Recovery Facility), but call first to find out the correct times.  (Their number is listed as 916) 543-3960.) Even easier – currently, the City of Roseville CA schedules periodic pick up times, days, locations for dropping off prescription medications and other medicines. In fact, we just had one of those a week or so ago. The City will post those on their website and Facebook page and I share that at my Facebook page, Roseville California Joys, as well.
  4. Got a mattress and don’t know what to do with that? I wrote about that a while back – Trashy Questions for Us in Roseville CA with all sorts of ideas and tips to recycle it, as well as info about our new free option to take it to the “dump,” as of 2023. 😀

Kaye Swain real estate agent Roseville Sacramento pink rose

Got questions?

Got more questions about Roseville CA trash pickup and waste management including more about green waste, recycling, general trash collections services or other questions? Feel free to email me at Kaye@KayeSwain.com or message me at Facebook and I’ll do my best to find the answers for you. 🙂



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4 thoughts on “6 Useful Tips About Roseville Green Waste And More”

  1. Patricia Steele

    Can I purchase another green waste disposal bin for my home? If so, what is the cost?

  2. When is the green waste gong to be collected from Leeward Court? It’s been at least three weeks since the last pick-up. Our gardeners are running ot of room in the green waste container.

  3. Hi Jay, I’m afraid I’m just writing about it, but don’t have a connection with it. I would recommend calling them at (916) 774-5780 🙂

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