Roseville CA Local News Highlights, Community Safety, Urban Development, and More

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.Hey everyone! Here’s your latest Roseville CA local news highlights as we look at some of the cool and important stuff happening around Roseville and our neighboring spots. We’ve got a little bit of everything in the mix this week—from the great job Roseville is doing with providing a wide variety of senior living options to the always popular and very handy Medication Take Back Day to some great local developments along with  community safety tips not to mention some interesting videos. Whether you’re looking to clear out your medicine cabinet or catch up on the latest community news, keep reading to get the scoop!

Roseville CA is a Great Place for Boomers and Seniors

The City of Roseville CA is doing a great job at being proactive in ensuring plenty of great senior living options for baby boomers and senior citizens and it’s making headlines! “Roseville emerges as popular city for senior housing!” per the Sacramento Business Journal.

The article states that, “In addition to Erickson Senior Living, Roseville since 2021 has approved:

  • A 335-unit senior affordable housing project at 3380 Pleasant Grove Blvd.
  • A 192-unit senior affordable housing project at 4201 Santucci Blvd.
  • Huntington Apartments, a 76-unit apartment project for seniors at 1650 Huntington Drive, now under construction.
  • The Ivy at Blue Oaks, a 100-bed assisted living/memory care site at 275 Roseville Parkway, also currently under construction.”

It is so great to see Roseville being so proactive in ensuring plenty of great senior living options in Roseville CA! 😀

Great News for Many in West Roseville CA

I know plenty of neighbors will be happy to hear that, according to the Sacramento Business Journal, “Panattoni Development Company Inc. is releasing a revised version of its development plans for 183 acres in Roseville to include housing and retail, among other changes. Per Abbie Wertheim, “First, the balanced plan reduces truck traffic from the previous proposal by at least 75%. In addition, it creates new opportunities for surrounding neighborhoods with approximately 30 acres of parks and open space, new residential, and dedicated space for new high-quality jobs.”

Roseville CA Updates

VERY COOL – Brayden Mitchell Supervisor at the Roseville Utility Exploration Center shares info about the updates at the center (doesn’t it look COOL!)as well as the Pleasant Grove widening project and more. Check it out!

Here’s another road update – this is for Roseville Parkway that is being extended. I’m looking forward to it being in place tho we have a WAYS to go!  This first video is from 6 months ago.

This is more recent and downright cute!

You can find more info on this at Roseville.CA.US/ParkwayExtension

Kaye Swain and Roseville California Joys at Youtube!

Did you know I have several YouTube playlists with a wide variety of videos about Roseville, including many of the city videos along with news videos about our area plus my own videos? Check out:

House Cleaners and De-Clutterers Rejoice! MEDICATION TAKE BACK DAY – APRIL 27, 2024

Next week is the Medication Take Back Day. Bag up those meds, black out those labels, and enjoy getting rid of all your extra medications FOR FREE. You have many choices in our area, including:


I so appreciate that we have so many options and things to do in Roseville CA and the surrounding area to keep our families safe from expired or misused medication! Don’t you?

Rocklin CA News

  • Great News! Venita Rhea’s, located at 4415 Granite Drive, is back OPEN now – 7 days a week from 7am – 2pm!
  • Rocklin Police Dept is hiring Lateral Officers, Police Academy Graduates, and Reserve Police Officer!

Shopping Safely in Our Local Area

I read on Facebook that one of our Roseville neighbors used an ATM at her local bank and skimmers got her number! Happily her bank caught it and I think all is well. Also, I thought I’d share the latest update on one way to, hopefully, avoid those dastardly bandits!  And by the way, I make no guarantees, but I’ve heard good things about Apple Pay as well. However, as someone else pointed out, the more they come up with ways to stop the thieves, the more they come up with new ways to steal! So stay ALERT y’all!  And say THANK YOU to all our awesome police officers who work so hard to keep us safer! We appreciate them!

Congratulations to Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln!

Roseville is #6 on the list of the 10 BEST places to live in the United States for 2024, according to
Lincoln is #7 and Rocklin is #9 on the list of top 20 safest cities in California for 2024, according to SafeWise.

Thank You and Keep Us Posted If YOU Hear Anything New!

There you have it—a quick look at all the latest Roseville CA Local News Highlights, around our South Placer area! From keeping our homes safe and tidy with the Medication Take Back Day to cheering on new developments including great senior living options and celebrating our spots in the top lists of places to live for Roseville and safest cities for Rocklin and Lincoln, there’s always something happening that keeps our community buzzing.

Thanks for staying in the loop with us, and don’t forget to get involved and make the most of all these community activities and opportunities. Catch you next time with more updates!
















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