Roseville CA News and Updates September 4, 2021

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Roseville CA News 9-4-21

Periodically, as time allows, I’ll be posting snippets of my Facebook page shares. But in case you want more,  I frequently share news updates at my Facebook page – @RosevilleCaliforniaJoys – as well as other locations there.  But I know many of my real estate clients don’t do much on Facebook – and perhaps you don’t either. I do have the posts show up here on the first page. But I thought I’d do a periodic post with some of the most important info here as well. 

Drought Watering Rules!

It may be Roseville CA News 9-4-21 but in some ways, I feel we are back in time since we’re now back to updates about being in a drought! Here’s some vital info for that  – Roseville has updated the drought watering requirements. Now, residents can only water our lawns two days a week – on Mondays and Fridays.   BUT great news – customers using drip irrigation are not subject to watering days. AND they DO check to make sure we are following the rules!  You can get all the details, including for commercial businesses, by clicking here.And to get info about their rebates including cash for grass, click here.  And PLEASE, don’t stop watering your lawn – it will cost you more to fix it later, and it helps keep your property values up, as well as those of  your neighbors!

Tips To Keep Our Roseville Area Homes Decluttered!

I recently shared this article – A Foolproof Method for Decluttering Your Home – from The Spruce with great tips for decluttering your home, room by room. As a REALTOR, I am always thinking of creative ways to help my real estate clients if they ask for tips to prepare their house for sale. But even aside from that, I have always enjoyed tips books, and other great resources to help me stay on top of the ever increasing clutter we seem to develop as the years go by – particular those of us who are or have been caregivers – as we may also wind up with our beloveds special things and have to figure out positive ways to use the items, bless others with them, or decide how else to handle them.

Roseville California Police Department is Hiring!

As a volunteer for RCONA (Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Associations) along with two different neighborhood associations, I get to see first hand many of the community activities mentioned in the following video. And I am so proud of our sweet city because overall, we really really do appreciate and support our police department! And they do a GREAT job!  Here’s a video talking more about what they offer as they are currently hiring! (And if you get the job and need a local Roseville REALTOR – I’d be honored to help you! 😀 Even if you just want more info – give me a buzz at 916-768-0127)

That’s it for now! So I’ll end on this!

Happy Labor Day 2021

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