Interesting Roseville CA News December 2022

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Check Out These Interesting Tidbits in My  Roseville CA News December 2022 Updates

Check out all the various Roseville CA News December 2022 updates I’ve discovered from our sweet city of Roseville CA, Sacramento Business Journal, Facebook and more.  😀

 Roseville CA News December 2022 includes the fact of LOTS of frost this past couple of weeks on Roseville golf courses
This is NOT our Roseville golf course but looks just like the Sun City Roseville golf course did twice this week with Frost ALL over

City of Roseville Office Closures This Week

Christmas Trees AFTER Christmas Is Over

 Did you buy a real live Christmas tree for Christmas? Wondering what to do with it now that Christmas is over? Roseville has three great options for us. One takes a bit of work. One takes less work. One takes almost no work but does have a price tag BUT it’s for a good cause – BOY SCOUTS – YAY!!!  AND all the options go to good use! Click here to find a free drop-off location or learn other ways to properly recycle your Christmas trees. (And if you know you want the scouts – just click here to go directly to their site.)  For even more tips, including for those of you who live IN Placer but NOT in Roseville – click here. (And for my Citrus Heights friends and clients – click here.  And Sacramento County in general – click here. )

All the lovely real trees in Roseville and our surrounding area can now be recycled for good uses
All the lovely real trees in Roseville and our surrounding area can now be recycled for good uses

Winter Updates

Our Roseville Goats are gone for the season (but they’ll be baaaaaa-aaaackkkk) 🙂 Or should I say maaaaa 🙂 And YAYYYY – Spring is ONLY about 90 days away! I already can’t WAIT!  For both spring AND our Roseville goats to return!  🙂

Wrap Those Outside Pipes

And the reason I can’t WAIT for spring is because it’s CHILLY – now mind you, it’s not NEARLY as chilly as where two sets of my kids and grandkids live – in their snow-mageddon states (so I really CANNOT complain), but it IS still cold enough for Roseville and our general area to need to wrap up our outdoor irrigation pipes to prevent freezing and cracking.

Winter Scam

And apparently winter is the time for a new set of scams going around our area. Roseville utilities shared that their Roseville utility office “has recently received reports of scammers generating automated phone calls to Roseville residents claiming that their bill is past due and they must make an immediate payment to avoid service interruption. THIS IS A SCAM.” They added – “If you are ever in doubt about whether or not the call is legitimate, simply hang up and call our office” DIRECTLY “at (916) 774-5300 to verify, or log into your account at  DO NOT CALL BACK THE NUMBER THEY HAVE PROVIDED – that is part of the scam. Our phone lines are open Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm.”

Changes In Our Roseville Restaurants Lineup

Claim Jumper

So Sad! We didn’t go to Claim Jumper often but we always loved it when we went and made a lot of sweet family memories there.  But no more.  Claim Jumper on Harding Avenue apparently closed their Roseville location permanently and did so very recently! Here’s their locations page from their website below. (tho it may also be disappearing. I swear I just opened that page from their website an hour ago. Just now, I went back – and this page was no longer showing on their website BUT it’s still up if I typed in Roseville at the end of the link instead of “locations.”  Even odder – I’m typing this on CHRISTMAS DAY (since we did our Christmas fun yesterday) – apparently their peep are also working today?  😀)
Claim Jumper is closed permanently in Roseville CA
Sad News – Claim Jumper website indicates their Roseville location is closed permanently

Flour Dust Pizza

But no worries. There are still plenty of great restaurants in Roseville. Including this interesting one I’ve been hearing about. Today, while looking something else up on Facebook, I came across a conversation about Flour Dust Pizza at 5080 Foothills Blvd Ste 5, Roseville, CA 95747. Some of the things I learned – the chef is from NY and puts out great specials. It is a bit expensive but everything is fresh, excellent quality and home made. Several people raved about their pizza – and one said they liked the pizza but their Caesar salad is the best! Another person mentioned that their pizzas are smaller than the norm if you are used to the huge ones with Dominos and Pizza Hut. But others said they are so good it’s worth it. It does sound interesting and well worth giving it a try!🙂 Click here to see their menu.

Brand New – Maybe?

A NEW restaurant is POSSIBLY coming to Roseville, per the Sacramento Business Journal, who wrote “bakery, cafe franchise Tous les Jours APPEARS to be planning site in Roseville’s Fairway Creek Shopping Center….a bakery and cafe franchise with more than 1,650 stores worldwide appears to be planning a site in Roseville’s Fairway Creek Shopping Center, which would be its first in the region…They specialize in French and Asian-inspired baked goods.” Doesn’t THAT sound interesting!

Moving News

The Fig Tree Coffee, Art, & Music Lounge has recently moved into a larger space across the street from its original location. Very cool! Click here to enjoy some music, including from Charlie Brown Christmas, from their December 23, 2022 evening event. 😀🎶

Bottom Line for Roseville CA News December 2022

Good news, sad news, useful news, fun news, and interesting news for us in Roseville and our surrounding area. If you have any questions about any of this, do give me a buzz at 916-768-0127 or email me at If you are on Facebook, be sure to like my page @RosevilleCaliforniaJoys as well as my group @RosevilleCaliforniaJoys as I often post items there for holiday happenings, last minute info, and more.  And for real estate news and updates weekly and more, be sure to also check out

Happy New Year Y’all!

Happy New Year 2023 from Kaye Swain Roseville area 55+ retirement communities and more REALTOR
Happy 2023
Kaye Swain Roseville REALTOR shares Roseville CA News December 2022
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