Roseville CA News About the Future Erickson Senior Living Complex and More

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Exciting News for Roseville, CA: One of the Erickson Senior Communities Is Another Step Closer!

As of January 2024,  Erickson Senior Living, known for their dynamic senior communities, has successfully completed their escrow in Roseville. I shared earlier that their plan is to develop a stunning new community at 6000 Baseline Road. The Sacramento Business Journal reports that this project will encompass a vast 55 acres in west Roseville, featuring a massive 1,440-unit complex. This is definitely exciting Roseville CA news for many!
Many will be looking forward to Erickson Senior Communities in Roseville CA
This isn’t just any senior community; it’s a vibrant living space designed for those 62 and older, a slight shift from the usual 55+ communities we’re used to. Imagine an expansive setup with over 1,200 units for independent living, 200 beds dedicated to assisted living/memory care, and 40 beds for skilled nursing. But that’s not all – the list of amenities is truly impressive! Picture an indoor pickleball court, a dog park, not one but two restaurants, a movie theater, a walking trail, and so much more. Plus, 24-hour security is a big bonus, ensuring peace of mind for everyone.
This development is shaping up to be an exciting addition to our community, and I can’t wait to see how it unfolds!

Spotlight On Rocklin CA

Rocklin, CA, welcomed some interesting new businesses in 2023, adding to its already vibrant scene:
  • Bennett’s Westside Grill at 6604 Lonetree Blvd. is serving up delicious meals.
  • Clarks Corner at 5320 Front Street offers a unique blend of jewelry, plants, local foods, photography, music, and more.
  • Tea Bar & Fusion Café, located at 6694 Lonetree Blvd., Suite 500, is a must-visit. Check out the video below from their Sacramento store to get a taste of what they offer. The Avocado Toast and Hummus look absolutely delicious!
Rocklin also boasts 37 developed parks and over 200 acres of open space. They even have a handy Park Finder Map to help you find the perfect spot for outdoor fun.

Shopping In Roseville CA

Floor & Decor has a location in Rocklin CA. But I hear they may also be planning on a new location in Roseville CA at 1120 Galleria, where Bed, Bath and Beyond and Buy Buy Baby used to be. THAT would be nice as that shopping center definitely needs to get filled! And WOW! Check out this video explaining their business! If you are thinking of re-flooring, or new countertops, etc. you definitely want to see it AND visit their store!
Floor & Decor, currently in Rocklin CA, might be expanding to Roseville CA at 1120 Galleria, the former location of Bed, Bath and Beyond and Buy Buy Baby. This would be a fantastic addition to the shopping center. If you’re thinking about new flooring or countertops, check out this informative video about their business.


Rothy’s, renowned for their sustainable shoes, bags, and accessories, and with locations all over the country including Arizona and the Bay area, is expected to open at Westfield Galleria at Roseville in 2024. They’re all about eco-friendly fashion, as you can see in this video about their Arizona location.
Unfortunately, we have some sad news too. The Banana Republic store in Westfield Galleria will be closing on January 24, 2024. However, you can still find them at Arden Fair Mall and Folsom Premium Outlets.



These developments reflect the dynamic and evolving nature of our communities in Roseville and Rocklin, offering new opportunities for living, dining, shopping, and leisure. It’s a great time to explore what our neighborhoods have to offer!   Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting developments in our community! And, if you haven’t already done so, be sure to sign up for the free weekly newsletter! Just click here. Plus follow me at Facebook – @RosevilleCaliforniaJoys OR @KayeSwainRE – for even more area info.

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