Roseville Parks Are Fun and Interesting For All Ages

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Parks! A magic word to a small, or even not-so-small, child or grandchild. And with all our Roseville parks, there is plenty of magic to be had! We have¬†over 70 parks here in Roseville, CA, so there is bound to be a park nearby with plenty of fun things to do, no matter where in Roseville you live. We have huge¬†parks, tiny parks, and tons of in-between parks. We have people parks, dog parks, regional parks, aquatic parks, parks with Pickleball courts (see the P.S. ūüôā ) and parks with cool play equipment for kids and adults with special needs. I hear tell we have more parks per capita than any other city our size. AND ALL of our parks are SMOKE FREE! That means you are not allowed to smoke at any of the parks at ANY time! That’s especially great for young kids and those (like me) who have a hard time breathing around cigarette smoke!

We definitely have a LOT of GREAT parks! ¬†I’m hoping to share about ALL of them over time, bit by bit.

While thoroughly enjoying delightful visits by various grandkids this past summer, we had a wonderful¬†time popping by¬†two fun Roseville parks to “test-drive them.” Plus grandkid time in the past and fun neighborhood community events this summer have led us¬†to a few others. All are different, all have their own special “personality.” And all have fun things to enjoy.¬†Today, I have seven¬†to shine the spotlight on.


Harry Crabb Park

Riding toy at Harry Crabb Park in East Roseville CA 95661 via Kaye Swain real estate agent blog 1200


We first headed to the one of the Roseville parks in East Roseville РHarry Crabb Park, 1000 Scarborough Dr, East Roseville 95661, centrally located between East and West Stoneridge Village off East Roseville Parkway. We went there because I had read somewhere that they had a spider web rope climbing thing, With grandkids who LOVE to climb and one who especially LOVES Spiderman, that sounded like a major hit. It was a great park and we had a delightful time. They climbed the ropes. They enjoyed riding the updated singleton version of a teeter totter that rocks back and forth. They loved the merry-go-round (I had to not watch Рthey STILL make me dizzy, just like when I was a kid.)

There was just one minor problem with our plans. We picked one of the hottest days to go and it’s one of the newest parks so there wasn’t very much shade. We just got too hot. So after playing for a half an hour and taking a photo of a group of young adults (with their camera ūüôā ) ¬†having a blast playing volleyball, ¬†we headed off for a shadier park. (By the way, it’s one of five parks in Roseville that have a volleyball option. The others are Cambria Park, Fred Festersen Park, Kaseberg Park, and Hillsborough Park.) In addition to the playground and volleyball pit, there are horseshoe pits, a picnic area, and a multi-use grass field (NOTE-no restroom). One caveat – it did not have a paved road leading in or paved parking. The road was fine, but if you’ve just washed your car, that might be handy info to know. ūüôā As I understand it, there are plans to add to this park however the California drought weather has slowed the process down. It will be fun to watch it grow.

Maidu Park

Many Roseville CA parks have play equipment for big AND for little kids grandkids via real estate agent blog Kaye Swain 1200
My grandkids and I¬†headed over to¬†Maidu Park, also in East Roseville¬†at¬†1550 Maidu Drive. This park is in the Maidu neighborhood association area surrounded by Sierra Gardens, Lead Hill, Olympus Pointe, Johnson Ranch, South Cirby, and Meadow Oaks Neighborhood Associations. It’s¬†one of the three Roseville parks that are classified as regional parks (the other two are Royer and Mahany Parks) and is abundant with large shady trees! It was great.There was a¬†wonderful playland, perfect for imaginative and creative playing complete with wild west buildings, a cool maze,
Kaye Swain REALTOR says Maidu park and maze a hit with grandkids in Roseville CA 1200
swings and fun play equipment that we thoroughly enjoyed. Restrooms too! On this huge 152 acre complex with 54 acres developed, you will also find Maidu Library, Maidu Community Center (where I’ve attended a wedding, a real estate meeting, a chili cookoff and more ūüôā ), the Veterans’ Memorial Rose Garden and the Maidu Interpretive Center /¬†Museum & Historic Site. This lovely regional park also includes¬†a “lighted softball complex with 4 baseball diamonds, a 5-field lighted soccer complex, a 4-station batting cage, a regulation size lighted covered soccer arena, a skate park, one full basketball court, and a pedestrian and bike path.” WOW! As we headed home, we all agreed it had been a most delightful afternoon – downright PARK-alicious! ūüôā

Royer Park and Saugstad Park

Royer Park In Roseville CA via real estate agent social media blogger Kaye Swain 1200
Two of our Roseville parks are right across the street from each other!¬†Royer Park and Saugstad Park are right across Douglas Blvd.¬†from each other. Royer’s actual address is¬†130 Park Dr. while Saugstad is at¬†100 Buljan Dr. – both in central historic old Roseville. They are bordered by Hillcrest, Folsom Road, and Cherry Glen Neighborhood Associations as well as historic Downtown Roseville CA. Full of gorgeous old mature trees which was awesome on our hot summer visits¬†they have¬†Dry Creek running alongside each of them.
Great shade at Royer park via Kaye Swain real estate agent social media blogger Roseville CA 1200
I always think of Royer Park as the biggest, and it is Рbut not by much. But the main explanation is that Royer Park is 17 acres and I believe it is all developed. Saugstad Park is 15 acres but only 5 acres of it is developed.
Ducks and geese in Dry Creek at Royer and Saugstad Park in Roseville CA via Kaye Swain REALTOR
There is a lovely walking / biking trail that runs along the two parks on one side and Dry Creek on the other side. The trail goes under Douglas Blvd. You can easily cross from one park to the other that way, as well as at the traffic signal on Douglas.  I often see ducks and geese in the creek which is always a delight.
Swing fun for grandkids and kids at many Roseville California parks via real estate agent blogger Kaye Swain REALTOR
They both have picnic areas with BBQs (Royer’s is reservable), play areas, including swings, for all ages that I’ve enjoyed with both my kids and my grandkids, baseball fields (Royer has 1 and Saugstad has 2), and restrooms. Royer Park also has a full court basketball court, tennis courts, and horseshoe pits. Saugstad Park is home to one of the¬†four¬†dog parks / areas in the city.

Elliott Park

We have plenty of Roseville parks in West Roseville as well. Properly called H.C. Elliott Park, this West Roseville park is located at 1421 Cushendall Drive, in West Roseville CA,¬†in the heart of Junction West, Woodcreek Oaks and Silverado Oaks neighborhood associations as well as being quite close to Morgan Creek and Dry Creek. More commonly called Elliott Park, it was one of several parks used to host the Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Associations’ (RCONA) Movies in the Park this year. I hadn’t been to this park since my oldest grandchild was a wee one so I had fun popping over to reminisce as well as see how things ¬†were going for the movie set up. While I was there, I enjoyed snapping a few photos.
Plenty of room for plenty of kids fun at Elliott Park in Roseville CA via Kaye Swain REALTOR 1200
It was fun to see it again as it’s a lovely park in the midst of West Roseville neighborhoods and has a picnic area with a BBQ. Plus it is reservable. There is also a playground including swings, restrooms, a large tree-shaded multi-use grass field and more

James A. Hall Park

 James Hall Park Roseville CA 95747 via real estate agent blogger Kaye Swain
James A. Hall Park is the smallest (2 acres) of these seven Roseville parks. Located at 1411 Raeburn Way in West Roseville, CA 95747, quite close to Elliott Park but a bit closer to Foothills Junction Neighborhood Association as well as Prospect Pointe Neighborhood, it has fun swings as well as playground equipment for big AND for wee ones, picnic tables, and a large field, partially open Рand partially shaded. Great for kite flying or bubble blowing with the kids and grandkids.
Bubbles at Elliott Park in West Roseville CA via real estate agent blogger Kaye Swain 1200 wm
Two of my older grandkids and I enjoyed a fun neighborhood potluck there with several adults and kids and there was plenty of room for all. (NOTE-no restroom).

Cresthaven Park

Cresthaven Park¬† Another good sized park of 5 acres,¬†it was also one of the Roseville Parks chosen¬†for the Movies in the Park this past year, so I got to pop over and see it for the first time ever. This park, located in Cresthaven Neighborhood Association and near Hilltop Circle,¬†was never “grandkid-tested” by my grandkids, but it WAS kid & grandkid-tested by the families of one of the neighborhood associations I volunteer for and they gave it thumbs up all around. ūüôā
Cresthaven Park Roseville CA by Kaye Swain real estate agent blogger showing basketball hoop
It is another delightful and huge park with a ¬†fun playground including swings, a huge multi-use grass field, a basketball court – full, two tennis courts (my fave game to play), horseshoe pits and restrooms! You’ll also spy a BBQ and picnic tables area. A very delightful park nestled in amongst the lovely homes of the Cresthaven neighborhood at¬†401 Community Dr, in Central Roseville 95678


These are just SEVEN¬†of the 70+ parks in Roseville CA! I’m looking forward to checking out all the rest of them and discovering all the fun things to do in each of the Roseville CA parks over the coming year or so. And looking forward to hearing about new parks and updates to old parks along the way. And yes, I’ll keep you posted on these fun adventures – here AND via my weekly email newsletter, full of Roseville and Sacramento area updates, fun events, holiday happenings, real estate market info, and more! AND if you have fun and interesting adventures of your own, and/or pictures to share, do let me know. ¬†


P.S. Talking about potlucks at parks – if you have a potluck in your future, whether at a park or a holiday home, you might enjoy my Pinterest board on potlucks:

P.P.S. I haven’t yet visited Woodbridge Park but I shall have to soon. I just heard they are the first park Roseville CA is adding Pickleball courtlines too. How fun! (That info is SO new it’s not yet on the website page – but I got the heads up straight from the City of Roseville via NextDoor and, of course, promptly shared it on my Facebook page – Roseville California Joys AND my Facebook group – Roseville California Joys. Be sure to LIKE both of them for plenty of fun and interesting updates, ideas, resources, and more for all things Roseville CA and our delightful lifestyle here. ūüôā

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