Trashy Questions for Us in Roseville CA

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Once upon a time, when we had a computer that was getting old or a bed mattress that we no longer needed, we could call our local thrift store (I like Salvation Army and Goodwill). But nowadays, many thrift stores won’t accept some electronics or mattresses for varying reasons. So what DO you do with an item that won’t go in the trash cans we have from Roseville CA. Particularly when its an item that could conceivably be used or recycled? I have some terrific resources for Roseville CA recycling and trash needs!¬† And they offer a much tidier option than piles of items on front lawns. ūüėČ

Roseville CA Recycling and Trash Options by Kaye Swain Roseville Real Estate Agent

Huge but Useable or Recyclable Trash

Salvation Army

Salvation Army WILL accept mattresses or box springs that have no tears, rips, or stains. You can contact them at¬†1-800-728-7825 or to schedule a pick up in our area. ūüôā

Sleep Train

If you have a mattress and/or bedsprings and can transport it, the Sleep Train will accept used mattresses at their warehouse by Sleep Train Arena at 4400 East Commerce Way – Suite 200, Sacramento, CA. Be sure to call first – 877-246-2233.


They do accept specific electronics. Click here for their guidelines.

Give Away / Recycle Online Options

REGARDING ANY AND ALL OPTIONS LISTED – PLEASE use caution and care – give as little personal info as possible. Have someone with you or tell a neighbor what you’re doing. Don’t invite strangers into your home or garage. Be aware and BEWARE ūüôā


I am on NextDoor and you are all welcome to join that. You can CLICK HERE¬†to access the logon. If you’re not familiar with it – it’s kind of like an uber small, uber private Facebook. You have to prove you live in the neighborhood you are joining, you can only join your own neighborhood and up to 5ish other neighborhoods in your immediate area (they are much smaller neighborhoods than Roseville’s¬†neighborhood association areas). Once you are a member, you can chat with your nearby neighbors – introduce yourselves if you want, ask about lost or found pets, share crime alerts, etc. People also have the option to post sales, give aways, etc. So it’s a great way to find a new home for a useable item. I find it a very practical way to add to my collection of toys and clothes for my grandkids. ūüôā You can read more about it HERE and HERE. ¬†And yes, Roseville city and police department are on there with us (in a limited way – they can post but can’t see your posts so make sure if you know of a crime or problem to call 911 before you share it on NextDoor), which I really appreciate. Police departments have actually been able to use it to keep neighbors safe when a bad guy was on the loose in their area!

Next Door Inforgraphic for Kaye Swain REALTOR to share with Roseville CA readers


Freecycle is something¬†some of my friends¬†have done and enjoyed. You sign up and then¬†go through the list to see¬†what people are giving away. OR post something you want to give away. Someone else says, “I will take it.” You then put it outside for them with their name and they come and get it. There is an active group in Roseville.


Craigslist Рyou can post freebies on Craigslist. You go to the big city group nearest you. For Roseville, that would be Sacramento, CA. Then go to FOR SALE, and skim the items. There should be one that says FREE Рlike this!  Add your item. They give you the option to use their special email and for something like this, I would do that.


If you are on any neighborhood Facebook groups, such as Good Neighbors of Roseville, and are comfortable doing so, you could check the groups you belong to and ask if anyone wants your item(s) and can pick it up.


Some ‚Äčother ‚Äčgreat recycle options‚Äč are listed in these articles:

Roseville CA Recycling Options for E-Waste

There are a variety of recycle options in Roseville including for e-Waste. Best of which includes curbside pick-up (just for Roseville residents). Click here to find out all the options for old electronics waste.


More than just a “Dump!” The Western Placer Waste landfill does a great job of providing the City of¬†Roseville¬†recycling options as well as general trash options. And, of course, these options are also available to other cities (call them for the varying price structure.) It’s is open 7 days a week on¬†Monday – Thursday¬†from¬†7-5 and on Saturday and Sunday from 8-5. It’s located at 3195 ‚ÄčAthens ‚ÄčAve in Lincoln‚Äč, right down the street¬†from the¬†Casino.


They charge by the cubic yd for some loads and by the ton for everything else and the prices vary. You can call for details at 916-543-3960.

They also offer some e-waste and toxic chemical options and some of those might be free for current residents.

Another choice they offer is to ‚Äčrent you ‚Äča ‚Äčdumpster for your home ‚Äčthat holds ‚Äč6 yards. They charge on a weekly basis and it is about 5‚Äč’‚Äč x 6‚Äč’ ¬†– You might ask your 10 or so of your neighbors if they want to go in with you¬†on the cost¬†and each chip in $10?‚Ä謆‚ÄčThey also charge for extra empties‚Äč of the same dumpster if you have even more neighbors who are interested.

Need Someone to Pick It Up?

If you can’t find anyone to come pick it up for you, perhaps it’s too heavy to cart, and you don’t want the dumpster, you can also call:

Pelican Hauling & Junk Removal – run by Roseville resident, Andy Arney. I’ve also added his company to my list of terrif service pros who can help my real estate clients, neighbors, and friends with a wide variety of needs. (You can get that whole list – just email me at ūüôā )

1-800-GOT-JUNK – They offer 24/7 Customer Service at 1-800-468-5865‚Äč and will come and pick them up. If you are willing to make last minute reservations, you might get $10 off – check their online website and reservation option. I used them once and was very impressed with the excellent service.

Yelp – another useful resource for finding good help for your Roseville CA recycling and trash needs. ūüėČ

Your Turn

Now, it’s your turn. Got any more suggestions for us for the Roseville area or perhaps the greater Placer County/Sacramento area – or even broader area? We’d love to hear.







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