Time to Shop Til You Drop for Your Kids or Grandkids This Weekend At the JBF Roseville Sale

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Great resources for grandparents in Roseville include JBF Roseville Sale Events

Got kids? Grandkids? You know how expensive their clothes and accessories can be! One of my grown kids’ favorite resources for years has been the Just Between Friends consignment sales that are held all over the country (28 states AND Canada and I bet more are coming).  Click here now for info about the latest JBF Roseville Sale!)

The latest goodies for the grandkids from the JBF Roseville sale

These are seasonal sales events where families bring in high quality clothes, toys (those are the latest riding toys for my grandkids pictured above 🙂 ), kid’s furniture, games (a fave for my grandkids and me), sports equipment, etc. and sell them while often buying from the sale as well. It began almost two decades ago and it’s a great way to clean out your house, earn money, buy great quality clothes at up to 90% off, and more!

Would you believe it, they were even featured on the Today Show! Wow! Here’s the video from it.

The last I heard, the consignors take home 60% of what they sell and get to shop early at a pre-sale. You can volunteer to work or just drop them off. Volunteers get special perks like coming early for the pre-pre-sale! Click here for more details on how it works for sellers. And yes, there are a couple of other smart ways to get in early to find the most choices. Just click here for that info.

Even better (for me anyway!), you do NOT have to sell to buy. You just come visit at the local JBF Roseville sale events (or for that matter, any of the locations’ events) and have a wealth of choices for kids and grandkids at great prices. Be sure to ASK about their special half price sale time – each sales event has their own special one! Not only that, they often have great coupons for discounts and freebies. So be sure to check their site out before their sale. You can sign up for email updates there.


And why, you may ask, am I writing about this – although I bet you have a bit of a suspicion?  YES INDEED. There is a JBF sales event right here in Roseville California THIS WEEKEND!  It’s the Roseville Fall 2018 Just Between Friends JBF Roseville Sale on September 6-9, 2018. (Full details below in the next section – click here if you can’t wait. 🙂  )

Talk about perfect timing, too, as there are ONLY  16 SATURDAYS (and 109 days) til Christmas! 🙂 Yowza!

BUT never fear! Once this date has passed, you can easily get the most current info for the latest JBF Roseville Sale – just click here!

To check out when there will be a Just Between Friends JBF sale Sacramento or the surrounding area, just click here and search the cities in California. 🙂

 CURRENT and upcoming dates and info

  • JBF Roseville Sale, NEW LOCATION @ Courtside Basketball Center, This is a new location across from the last sale in Rocklin, 1104 Tinker Road, Rocklin (Literally, right next to Roseville boarder 😉 ) FREE PARKING
  • JBF Sale Sacramento, Olympus Sports Coliseum, 4500 Pell Drive, Sacramento, CA 95838, September 28-30, 2018
  • JBF Sale Folsom, 12/6-12/9/18, 66 Clarksville Rd, Folsom, CA  – hmmmm – just in time for CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!!!!! 🙂  🙂  🙂
  • Once these dates pass, just CLICK HERE for the next set of dates. 

MORE about JBF Roseville sale events

Great for kids of all ages

So if you have babies, kids or grandkids, maybe even teens (especially those who love to read, build with LEGOs, etc.)  in your family or for whom you buy gifts, you’d probably love popping over to check it out. It’s definitely a great resource for parents and grandparents in Roseville and beyond!


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