Roseville! Pet Scams-Internet AND Email-Abounding!

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Roseville Pet Scams-Internet AND Email!

Roseville California Joys sharing pet scams internet email issues
ZOWIE! Roseville dog lovers BEWARE!  Apparently there is an old pet scam turning into new pet scams and none of them are nice! These pet scams-internet AND email- are happening all over the country INCLUDING HERE IN ROSEVILLE CA! Here are some of the details!

Online Pet Scams

In the past, many dog lovers would research purebreds, including looking long distance in search of a great purebred dog at a great price! They would find an interesting place but NOT NECESSARILY CHECK IT OUT PROPERLY, send in their money but NEVER get the dog!

Now, apparently, pet scammers are taking it one step further. Some (many?) are emailing YOU with a lovely letter and gorgeous pictures  of dogs. BUT BEWARE. The dog photos may be adorable, the price may be unbelievable BUT IT MAY ALL BE SMOKE AND MIRRORS. You send your money but you NEVER GET THE DOG. Tips To Avoid Pet Scams

The Better Business Bureau has some excellent info and tips for all of the US including Roseville in dealing with pet scams, including:

“BBB urges the public to be on guard against online puppy scams; inspect an animal in person before paying money, and pay by credit card if you do make an online purchase.”

Also, per the BBB – “What if I’ve been a victim of this pet scam fraud?

• File a report with BBB’s Scam Tracker
• Complain at
• Complain to the Federal Trade Commission. Call 1-877-FTC-HELP
• Homeland Security Investigations at the Department of Homeland Security also handles international fraud. Call 866-DHS-2-ICE (866-347-2423) (from U.S. and Canada)
• In Canada, call the Canadian Antifraud Centre: Toll Free 1-888-495-8501”

Pet Scams – EMAIL

NOW they seem to have expanded into sending emails out! One sweet Roseville friend gave me the scoop on this. They received an email that looked intriguing but also (being very smart and savvy!) wondered if it really was legit. They copied the email address into google and were sent straight to the site – There you will read some very concerning warnings and can check out any fraudulent email YOU might receive. And YES. As you can see, my friend discovered that even in Roseville pet scams-internet and email-are abounding! I really appreciated her sharing this info to me to pass on to all of y’all!

Pet Scams – CraigsList

Kaye Swain shares australian shepherd and other puppy scams

One last warning I discovered while researching this article. According to, Craigslist isn’t just known for its real estate and rental issues. It also has had its own share of pet scams woes as well – and I’m betting that includes our Roseville CA area.  The headline reads, “Puppies sold on Craigslist were sick, which led to a ‘deplorable’ discovery, cops say.” Among other sad warnings in this SacBee article, “Police said people thought they bought healthy mixed-breed puppies through an ad posted on Craigslist – despite the website’s terms of use prohibiting pet sales. Craigslist has a section for pets that allows “re-homing with small adoption fee,” the terms say. But complaints began in February….”

Practice Safe Puppy Buying!

Pet Scams Internet Email And More

I highly encourage y’all to follow the tips for staying safe and avoiding Roseville pet scams-internet, email, craigslist, or any others! You, your family, and your new pet will all be glad you did!


P.S. Roseville pet scams aren’t the only type of scams in Roseville. Here’s a great article from our awesome Roseville California Police Dept. on recent scams and how to stay scam safe! 🙂


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