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Moving – in or to Roseville?

I spent about half an hour gathering these all up for one of my real estate clients, who is new to our area. I’ve done this before and should have thought to make a post of it sooner, but now is definitely a good time to do so! Especially with so many people moving into our area from other parts of California or even further away.

For that matter, it’s a pretty handy list for all of us who already live in Roseville – in case you need to change services. For example, I changed from Comcast to Consolidated a few months ago and this would have been handy for me. Plus there are links for trash and recycling – and more. Am I missing anything that would be good on this list? Let me know and I’ll probably add it. 😁

And – did you know that the City of Roseville does have some good shortcuts to make it easier to remember? I’ve included as many as I know (or at least, am remembering today) – and if YOU know of any not on here, we’d love to know about those as well! 😊

Here is the main page for the website for the City of Roseville –


Always a necessary list for movers -whether new to the city or just moving within the city.

Roseville Utilities  – which can also be entered – Roseville.CA.US/utilities This takes you to their general page.

For starting/stopping service – go to Utility Billing – it’s a long one but you can just CLICK HERE OR here —>>> and then click customer service to get the info you need to start or stop service.  On this page, you can also sign up for trash day reminders, which I personally LOVE.  I used to do the phone number but switched to text and love it. If they don’t text as early as I want to put out, I can scroll through to the previous week’s see which it was then and do the opposite. 😁 (ie green waste or no green waste – probably soon it will include the day for organic option?).

BILL PAY – once you’ve started service, you might like to set it up for autopay – and that IS a shortcut – Roseville.CA.US/billpay

If you have questions about trash, recycling, etc. just CLICK HERE to go to that page.

Roseville trash trucks are fun to watch with kids and grandkids

In Roseville, we also have PGE for gas only and their website is

Some of the options for TV include:

I’ve used both over the years and appreciated each of them in that season. I switched recently as Comcast seemed to be having issues with speed and connectivity – some of the neighbors in my area agreed – others didn’t have any issues. But since I had used Consolidated for years until I moved to my current home that, at the time, didn’t offer it – I decided to give it a try again and got great service and a great discount for the contract.  And yes, I’ve been very happy.






CLICK HERE to sign up for Placer County alerts – which I highly recommend – they rarely use this and when they have, it’s always been for real emergencies.  (Like when my daughter got one while in her home, telling her to stay inside while they searched for a dangerous man wanted in an armed robbery. She cheerfully stayed put, our awesome police officers found and arrested the guy, and the alert went off again to let them know it was safe to come out.)  I think mine has only gone off once (I forget why – not as bad as her situation and I was more worried about her so I guess that’s why I remember it more vividly 😁)

Email General Info Updates

Speaking of alerts – you can also sign up for a wide variety of email “alerts” – not for emergencies, just for information about the various city departments and happenings.  CLICK HERE to see the whole list (if you only see a few but they each have + signs – click the plus signs to see the rest of the options for each category). Then check the ones you are interested in and ignore the rest.


The shortcut for Roseville parks is =

And speaking of parks – check this page out – a linkable list for all (well, probably most-some might not have been added yet if very new 😉 ) of our over 80 parks – LIST OF PARKS

Walking/biking trails –

The link above should take you to the page with a small map – click that map and you should see  the full size map that allows you to download a PDF version of what is pictured below. Notice all the other info included with the map too – including contact info for the parks dept.

Don’t you love the wealth of info that Roseville CA shares with us! I know I do!  If you have more shortcuts or other links of interest, we’d love to hear about them. Just leave a comment here or at and have a GREAT DAY!


PS Thinking of moving in or to Roseville?


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