Beat The Heat in Roseville Sacramento and Surrounding Area

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Sunshine to the Max in Roseville CA

Haven’t we enjoyed several lovely and cool few days here in Roseville as Summer approaches. But come next week, WATCH OUT! It will be time to BEAT THE HEAT as summer starts!

Come the first day of summer, we’re back in high temperatures –  and by Tuesday there will be triple digits. That’s definitely hot weather any time in Roseville and especially for the first days of Summer!  Then again, it could be worse. A couple of days ago, my weather app was guestimating it would be 106!!!!   Either way, I guess we will probably ALL be singing about the Sunny Side of the Street then!

This seems like a good time to share some good resources and important reminders for all ages dealing with summer heat in and around Roseville.  Resources like:

Family fun ways to beat the heat for young and old in our Roseville Sacramento area

Heading North or South

Beach Joys Help You Beat the Heat

I’m from Southern California where we spent oodles of time at the beaches, frolicking in the waves, sun bathing (and sometimes burning) on the warm beach, and more. Here in Northern California, the beaches are a wee bit cooler but my kids, grandkids, and their friends have assured me there are plenty of fun options here as well. (I freeze much easier than I used to so I have just taken their word for it. 😉 ) Then again, with San Francisco’s weather temperatures primarily showing highs in the 60s next week, you’ll beat the heat nicely just by enjoying a fun visit to the bay area.

With oodles of grandkids, one of my fave Northern California resources is RedTri. Here are some of their recommendations for what to do when hot weather comes:

And that’s not all – here are other great ways to beat the heat that I discovered!

Safely beat the heat!

Water Safety

  • If you head to the beach or the river on days when high temperatures are getting to you, be sure to stay safe. Use lifejackets (which are required for kids under the age of 13, regularly apply sunscreen, follow all the listed (and other) rules. And keep your eyes on kids and grandkids no matter their age. 🙂
  • Did you know you can borrow life jackets from a variety of sources? Me, either! —->>>> Life Jacket Loan Program 
  • California Family Fitness water safety tips
  • SMUD water safety tips

Heat Safety Tips

  • If you don’t have a good air conditioner or cooler, and the heat is getting too much, call your local library to see if they are staying open extended hours due to the hot weather. You could also head for the movies, a local store, grocery store, etc. if the high temperatures get to be too much for you.
  • Be sure to drink plenty of water – and if you’re outside and active, drink extra water.

Heat Safety Tips for very young and very old

Pet Friendly Safety Tips

Now it’s your turn.

Do you have any suggestions for things to do or places to go in or around Roseville or the surrounding area to “beat the heat?” Or hot weather safety tips? We’d love to hear. Just leave a comment below or pop over to my Facebook page and let us know. 🙂

And have a GREAT week however high the temperatures get to!


P.S. Of course, another fun way to stay cool in hot weather is a dip in your very own swimming pool!  🙂


Search Roseville Homes for Sale with Pools

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