Happy Saint Patrick Day Coloring Pages and More!

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Happy St Patrick Day!

Things are a little crazy right now with the Corona Virus! Still and all – today is ST PATRICK’S DAY. So I wanted to pop by and wish you a Happy Day and share some cute Saint Patrick Day coloring pages, word puzzles, and – yes, even some Corona Virus resources 😉 !

Saint Patrick Coloring Pages + for Grandkids +

If any of you have kids or grandkids at home this week, because of the Corona Virus or maybe just from all the other zillion cold and flu bugs floating around, here are some fun coloring pages I made for my grandkids that yours might enjoy as well. 🙂

Kaye Swain sharing Happy St Patrick Day Coloring pages for grandkids


More Saint Patrick Coloring Pages and Crafts at Sharing St Patricks Smiles At Roseville California Joys

St Patrick Day Word Search

St Patricks Day Word Puzzles + – Teachers Pay Teachers is one of my favorite resources for projects with my grandkids. I do pay for some but I have gotten many fun items for FREE. This search SHOULD show a bunch of FREE items but if not, check the SEARCH BY to be sure it says PRICE ASCENDING else adjust it. 🙂

On A Bit More Serious Note

Being a bit of a news geek, I really like to stay on top of statistics and news updates regarding the Corona Virus, even on Saint Patrick Day. John Hopkins University has a great page with all the latest numbers.

Our Sacramento Metrolist (MLS) for REALTORS has put together a handy resource list of links regarding the Corona Virus, that you might find useful:

Once Again, Happy St Patrick Day!

Have a fun, happy, healthy and safe St Patrick’s Day! I hope y’all enjoy the fun Saint Patrick Day coloring pages and projects 🙂 .


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