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Service Dogs, Therapy Animals, and More

One of my neighbors asked me if I knew of any therapy or service dog agencies or trainers in our Roseville Sacramento area.


I didn’t. So, of course, I dug in and did some research. In case you ever have that question for yourself or someone you care about, here’s what I found out.

As you may already know, there is a wide variety of therapy/service dogs. Generally, therapy dogs go to hospitals and homes and visit sick patients including those with disabilities, those on hospice, etc. These are just short visits to encourage them. They even have therapy dogs at the Sacramento International Airport. (I had fun getting to meet one there. 😉 )

Therapy Animals

Roseville Real Estate Agent Kaye Swain shares hospital therapy dog love

There are several of therapy animal groups in our area. Some of these may be for you to volunteer for taking your dog out. Others to request a visit.

Local Area Resources for Therapy Dogs

National Resources for Therapy Dogs

Service Dogs

There are also, of course, service therapy dogs who live with the person who needs them. These range from guide dogs for the blind to epilepsy dogs to therapy dogs for PTSD to those trained to deal with other types of disabilities and more.

Roseville REALTOR Kaye Swain shares seeing eye guide service dog information

Here are trainers/providers I found in our area, in our state, or further afield for those able to travel to them for training.

Local Area Service Dogs

Northern California Service Dog Resources

Service Dog Resources Further Away

National Service Dog Resources

Assistance Dogs International

Horse Therapy

Horseback riding can have therapeutic benefits for many dealing with a variety of special needs whether disabled, dealing with emotional needs, etc. We’ve had two special people in our lives blessed by organizations such as these!


More Service Animal Resources?

If you know of other useful resources that can work for people here in the Roseville Sacramento area, we’d love to hear about them. Just leave a comment below or at our Facebook page – Roseville California Joys. 🙂 And have a great day!


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    • Alyssa
    • 03/17/2018

    Hi my daughter has been looking for a service/therapy dog, if you have any ideas please let me know, she has a brain tumor and it is now causing seizures, not continually but it does. Her oncologist has given us papers for her dog, but we need help in finding one right for her, thanks

  1. Hi Alyssa, I’m so sorry to hear this. As I mentioned in the article, I researched this info to help a neighbor. I would try calling each of the links I listed. Also, I would try asking this question at NextDoor.com – here’s a link for it – http://www.rosevillecaliforniajoys.com/nextdoor . You could also go to Facebook and join some of the area groups like Good Neighbors of Roseville – and then ask in there. I’ve had great success with both options in the past. Praying you find a great one for her.

    • Bryan scott
    • 07/14/2018

    Do you guys take in dogs and make them service dogs? I have a friend with a great pitbull but she needs to give her up. She would love for the dog to become someone service animal and really make a difference .

  2. Hi Bryan – I’m afraid I not. I just wrote about what’s available. You would have to contact each of the places I listed to ask them. 🙂

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