Some Fun Things to Do In Roseville CA This Week 😀

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A New Shopping Adventure For Me in Roseville CA

This week, I arrived punctually for my meeting with one of my sweet friends and fellow Realtors who I often team up with with, Tracey. We were eating together at Panera in Roseville CA, on Pleasant Grove. Definitely some fun things to do in Roseville CA that I thoroughly enjoy. I love all the Panera Roseville CA stores as they offer a variety of delicious and reliable food options suitable for everyone. But I especially appreciate the one on Pleasant Grove in the Sam’s Club – Walmart Shopping Center. It gives me a chance to shop if I need to. Plus I can get gas at the gas station, which is well known for its excellent prices and safe environment. They even provide constant supervision to deter card skimmers—a feature I highly value.

Fun things to do in Roseville CA is eat Yummy Brownies at Panera in Roseville CA on Pleasant Grove

Well prepared, or so I thought, I was looking forward to an interesting chat about our local 55+ senior real estate, along with one of their yummy brownies! As I headed into Panera, I reached in my pocket for my credit card. To my dismay, I discovered that, unusually, I had neither my Sam’s Club card nor my credit card. Thankfully, I remembered adding my credit card to Apple Pay a few months ago. One issue though. I still hadn’t tried that out. It was early at Panera however and not busy. The sweet gals at the front counter kindly offered to assist me with the payment process, which I greatly appreciated.

Tracy - fellow Real Estate Agent and friend

It took me a couple of tries but I am now an experienced Apple Pay user and it is definitely very handy. When my friend,  Tracey, arrived, I shared with her my exciting beginning as well as telling her about my recent visits to Dollar Tree and Goodwill in Roseville CA on Foothills. They are both great for finding items for holidays, my grandchildren, and other miscellaneous needs. I had even enjoyed watching a fellow grandmother paying with her Apple Watch! Wow! I guess that is my next big project to learn. Have you paid with your Apple Watch? Any tips for me? 😀

More Shopping Options

This has been a bit of an unusual week for me as I’ve been able to do some extra shopping, including getting yet another and different racket game option for my younger grandkids. I had already bought one set of the Goodminton game –  which they describe as “The World’s Easiest Racquet Game – an Indoor Outdoor Year-Round Fun Paddle Game Set for Boys , Girls , and People of All Ages” (the blue one below along with the feathered gizmo 🙂)  AND Franklin Sports Badminton Racket Set – Smashminton, “Oversize – 2 Player Backyard Youth Set with Birdies for Kids” for them (the orange one below on the left with the blue birdie with the orange nose). Both are kind of like indoor badminton.

I got those at Amazon and we love them. But they are still a bit hard to hit for little ones. So when I was shopping for Easter supplies at Walmart on Pleasant Grove Roseville CA and spotted this enormous racket badminton set with the extra large white birdie with a red nose (Rudolph? 🙂), I had to give it a try as well. I’m looking forward to test driving it at one of our great local Roseville parks with a big grassy area as well as taking them with me when I travel to visit some of my other grandkids as they are nice and lightweight and should fit in one of my suitcases. along with other fun games.

Just Between Friends Roseville CA

That’s not all the shopping tips. In fact, this is definitely a great month(s) for shopping. This weekend I am hoping to visit the Just Between Friends consignment sale (JBF for short) with all sorts of great gently-used items for children from clothes and shoes to strollers and cribs to fun games and toys and MORE! These are held all over the U.S. but this is the Just Between Friends Roseville CA event and it is open today and tomorrow.  Click here for all the details.

Just Between Friends Folsom CA and Elk Grove CA AND Beyond…

It will be followed by the Just Between Friends Folsom CA and Just Between Friends Elk Grove CA next month with plenty more to come, as you can tell by the two pix below.  My daughters and I consider Just Between Friends Roseville CA and Folsom CA one of the many fun things to do in Roseville CA area AND a great way for parents and grandparents to save money and often find a great variety of games and toys including current AND older games that aren’t always available in the stores any more. I’m personally on a hunt for one no longer available game my older grandkids loved so that I can share it with my younger grands. 😀


The Great Junk Hunt 2024

Another fun shopping event is coming up next weekend. The Great Junk Hunt 2024  will be “@TheGrounds” (formerly known as the Placer Fair Grounds), in the Roebbelen Center. That will be full of vintage items, home décor & more!  It’s coming up next week on March 15-16 and they expect to fill the 100K square feet hall FULL of vendors! WOW!!!

If you’ve never been to The Great Junk Hunt, it is:

  • A “round-up of curated vendors selling their best goods…aisles of junkin’ treasure. Shoppers walk away with items they can’t find anywhere else. Discover farmhouse, industrial, vintage, re-purposed, handmade, and much more.”
  • It’s been voted one of the top flea markets by several magazines!
  • There is a fee to enter – depending on how early you want to come.
  • I called to check and it runs 4pm-9pm Friday, 3/15/24 and 9am-4pm  3/16/24

I’ve never been to this sale but it does sound intriguing. If YOU have been, do let us know how you liked it – in the comments below or at Facebook – @KayeSwainRE. 😀

Road Work Alerts

West Roseville

The City of Roseville is now starting to widen Pleasant Grove in West Roseville – it’s definitely needed BUT will definitely create some slow downs I imagine 😉 Click here for more info. And drive safely. 😀

Rocklin is also doing road work though theirs will only last for the weekend. And it started TODAY!

What’s On Your List For Some Fun Things to Do in Roseville CA This Week?

Whether it’s exploring consignment sales for unique finds, engaging in community events like The Great Junk Hunt, simply enjoying the great service, easy convenience and delightful variety at local shops, or playing interesting racket games for kids and grandkids, there’s no shortage of some fun things to do in Roseville, CA.

P.S. One more fun thing to do – great for kids and grandkids…

Some fun things to do in Roseville CA including watching Mary Poppins LIVE - for the next two weekends - great for grandparents and grandkids
Mary Poppins LIVE – for the next two weekends – great for the whole family


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