Fun Spring Things to Do in Roseville CA

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Fun Spring Things to Do in Roseville CA
Fun Things to Do in Spring in Roseville CA Area

I am enjoying looking at the flowering fruit trees that are flowering and the daffodils that are sprouting. I’m also having fun reviewing the City of Roseville Parks and Recreation winter and SPRING guide which is full of fun spring things to do in Roseville CA! Not to mention looking forward to checking out the SUMMER GUIDE that is due out SOON – March 10, 2020! 🙂

When reviewing my free download of the Roseville Winter-Spring Recreation Guide, that is loaded with all sorts of interesting things to do in Roseville I had fun seeing all the cool activities listed for a wide range of ages – from our tots and grand-tots on up to elementary, high school, college, adult, and even all of us fab 50s+!

Here’s one that especially caught my eye! An interesting Garden Fair coming up  Saturday, April 4, 2020 from 9-3 at the Maidu Community Center, 1550 Maidu Drive, Roseville CA. Lots of fun and interesting garden activities for the whole family – including crafts for kids, food trucks, hand-on demos, gardening info, door prizes, and MORE. And best of all? It’s FREE!

Garden activities do Roseville CA
Garden activities do Roseville CA

You can find a bit more info about it at Facebook on the RosevilleUtilities Events page, with even more fun spring things to do!  🙂

Roseville CA Garden Things to Do – Garden workshops

Friday Flicks – April 17, Frozen II and May 15,  Jumanji-Next Level

One of my go-to pages on the Roseville City website is to check out their events listed on the right side of the page. They’ve got some fun March activities listed there with April probably popping up soon.

.Be sure to check out Macaroni Kid Roseville-Rocklin-Lincoln, including the guides, for some fun things to do Spring 2020.

More Spring Fun For Kids in Roseville CA


Family Fun Rainy Day Things to Do in Roseville

A lovely spring RAINY DAY – Oh no! What to do????  Never fear, there are plenty of indoor activity ideas in Roseville CA, including:

BounceU Roseville is located at 7611 Galilee Rd Roseville, CA 95678, 916-783-4386  You can check out BounceU reviews at Yelp.

Chuck E. Cheese, 9601 Fairway Dr. Roseville, CA 95678, 916-772-7909 My review – Chuck E. Cheese is a kid’s delight featuring yummy pizza, kid safety procedures, and tons of arcade games (fee based on time). I have gone many times to various Chuck E. Cheeses with kids and with grandkids. It’s one of my favorite places for younger grandkids because of their safety checkin procedures. When tiny, I follow them everywhere. Once they were a bit older, I could sit and munch on pizza while checking on them regularly. We all love it!

Fun Factory, 1151 Galleria Blvd (in the Galleria), Roseville, CA 95678, 916-780-7100.  Reviews on Yelp.

iFly Indoor Sky Diving, Roseville/Sacramento, 118 Harding Blvd, Roseville CA 95678, 916-836-4359. Reviews on Yelp.

John’s Incredible Pizza – 384 North Sunrise Avenue, Roseville CA 95678, 916-772-1111. My review – I went with grandchild and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. I enjoyed the food. It’s similar to Chuck E. Cheese though, as I recall (been awhile) it doesn’t offer the safety checkin procedures. It does offer arcade fun and other games along with food.  (separate fee). Yelp Reviews.

Roller King Skating & Blading –  889 Riverside Avenue, Roseville, CA, 916-783-0918
Roller Skating has long been a delight for my kids, grandkids, and ME. Be sure to check their website for hours. Yelp Reviews.

Top Golf – 916-200-1002 I have never been but friends have and they LOVE it. Depending on who you talk to, this MIGHT be fun for a rainy day. But another person I talked to mentioned that it may depend on how windy/rainy it is. You technically have a cover but the side is open so if it is really rainy or the wind is in that direction, you could get wet. So I would recommend calling them first to check, and ask about refund options if too wet. 🙂 Yelp Reviews.

Of course, you can always stay cozy at home courtesy of our Roseville CA Library. Check out THESE cool options! You just need a Roseville California library card!

Near and Far

From Auburn to Sacramento to Sutter Creek, there are many fun and interesting things to do in our Roseville area. Here are just a sampling of resources to help you.

While it doesn’t look like Sacramento Sidetracks is currently adding new posts to her blog, her UPCOMING EVENTS list on the right side of the page DOES look current – for family fun things to do in Sacramento area. 🙂

Placer County Gold has several fun festivals listed throughout our county.  Click here to see them. Then check around the rest of the blog for even more fun things to do in Roseville and throughout Placer County.

Daffodil Hill – In case you were thinking of heading out to Daffodil Hill in the Sutter Creek area – you can still go to the Sutter Creek shopping area, but NOT Daffodil Hill, which has been permanently closed due to safety issues. You can read more about it at my Facebook page and group page, both with the same name – Roseville California Joys.


Old Auburn is another fun place to check out for for fun Spring activities near Roseville CA.

Looking Ahead

I know, it’s only spring – well, as I write this it FEELS like spring even though spring doesn’t actually spring til March 19, 2020. BUT even though most camps are summer – sign-ups start for many in SPRING or even bit earlier. And they fill up FAST. So here are a few I’ve heard of. And BE SURE to download your brand new summer recreation guide from Roseville Park and Recreation and check out THOSE lists of camps (including Kids Fire Camp – a mega popular one, I hear) for the date you can sign up so you and your family don’t miss out on any of the many fun things to do in Roseville CA all year long! 🙂

Roseville CA Park and Recreation Kids Spring Camps – scroll down about half way.

Check THIS out for spring break camps planned!

Bayside Breakaway Kids Camps – with several options and locations.

More fun spring things to do in Roseville CA

Gardening with grandkids fun spring things do Roseville CA wm
  • Grab your kids or grandkids and enjoy gardening fun as you plant your own Daffodils, other flowers, trees, bushes…
  • Walking
  • Visiting Open Houses in Roseville CA, whether to buy, get ideas for selling your home, or get fun decorating ideas
  • Bird watching – there’s a gorgeous egret over in the creeks/ponds off Pleasant Grove in West Roseville I’m trying to photograph. How bout you?
  • Pickleball
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Park activities with kids and grandkids
  • Shopping at the Galleria, Fountains, Other Great Stores, Old Roseville Shops, Thrift Shops….
  • Enjoy a good book in the back yard
  • Reorganize your home
  • Bike rides – click here for the bike and trails map
  • Preparing Your House For Sale
  • Practice safe hand washing and fist bumps while avoiding the flu, bronchitis and other odd viruses 😉
  • And so much more!

Have Fun This Spring in Roseville CA!

As you can see, there are SO MANY ways to enjoy spring fun things to do in Roseville CA. Did I miss some? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below or over at Facebook – Roseville California Joys and Roseville California Joys Group. And HAVE FUN! 🙂

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