Spring Awakening with Blooms, Votes and Pickleball in Roseville CA

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Spring is Springing!

Driving down Pleasant Grove from Lennar’s Solaire Heritage to Sun City Roseville yesterday, I was thoroughly enjoying the lovely flowering fruit trees IN BLOOM – sadly, no time to get a photo. BUT I DID get a photo of one of my 3 camellia blossoms that FINALLY blossomed! Spring doesn’t arrive officially til March 19, 2024 but for me, it arrived this week! Hmmm – makes me want to play pickleball in Roseville CA today! (A fun rhyme) Yet ANOTHER of the many reasons I love to live in Roseville CA!

President’s Day in Placer and Sacramento Counties

President’s Day is on Monday, 2-19-24. Some of the offices that will be closed include: California State offices, Placer County offices, Sacramento County Offices, Roseville CA offices and libraries and various other city offices and libraries will be closed. I imagine some businesses may also be closed so it would be wise to call ahead before you go. 😊
BUT President’s Day (and perhaps the whole weekend) is apparently another great day for sales. Check out this post, with tons of stores listed, from BlackFriday.com.

Time to Register To Vote is Fleeting!

TUESDAY, 2-20-24 is the LAST DAY to register to vote for the March 5, 2024 Presidential Primary Election. With Monday being a holiday, you may run into a bit of a wait (Or not – sadly! We need more people to vote!). If you aren’t registered, BE SURE TO GO REGISTER.  Click here for full details on how and where to register!
the 20th of FEB is the last day to register


Changes Coming to Westfield Galleria and Roseville CA

There are a ton of changes being considered and planned at the Roseville Mall this year. According to Sacramento Business Journal, this year will be full of changes including possibly expanding the old Sears store even more by adding a mini food court PLUS an Escape room business called The Escape Game. They are also planning on more full-service restaurants and that’s not all!  This should be an exciting year for the Galleria mall.  It’s already the largest mall in the area, per Fox40.

I had to smile. While researching for this post, I discovered a video I made about it a few years ago. Most is still true, though I know a few places have left including one of my favorites – Pluto’s! Pluto’s in Roseville closed in 2019, Pluto’s in Davis closed in 2020. Sadly, even their San Francisco location has apparently closed. I can see I definitely need to do an updated version of this video! 😊

Another place that closed more recently – Amy’s Drive Thru. The company closed their restaurant here in Roseville as well as Thousand Oaks. I love some of their frozen dinners like the lasagna, but never had a chance to try their drive thru. Did you? Did you like it? We’d love to hear. 😊

Pickleball Fun in Roseville

As you know, I love to play pickleball in Roseville CA. And as I announced earlier, the new pickleball courts in Roseville CA are OPEN. BUT that’s not all! They are now offering fun beginner classes of pickleball for kids there as well. As Roseville Parks Department writes, “The Courts at Gibson Park are now open! The first phase includes 9-lighted pickleball courts and restroom facilities. The courts are open daily 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. We are as excited as our residents to be able to enjoy this first phase of the park.” They also require us to read their pickleball court rules first before playing. You can find them by clicking here and then go about half way down the page to “Pickleball Court Rules.” This page also lists 4 of the 5  parks in Roseville CA that offer pickleball (4 with restrooms).

All 5 of the parks in Roseville that offer pickleball are:

(If you’d like to see more court info near Roseville, click here for Pickleheads website with a Roseville search that includes Citrus Heights, Folsom, and more.

Are you interested in the beginner classes for kids at The Courts At Gibson Park that I mentioned above? To get info on that, click here and then scroll down about half way and click on “Skyhawks Pickleball Classes.”

(Yes, it’s true! I freely admit it. I’m a mega pickleball nerd! I’m even having fun introducing various and sundry adorable grandkids to pickleball, just like this charming lady above is doing with her granddaughter. My older ones are all WAY better than I but I’m still ahead of the wee ones 😊😊😊)

Sacramento Zoo Update

I have sweet friends who LOVE the Sacramento Zoo – it’s a great place to get a family membership to use for fun trips on the spur of the moment as well as planned parties. We’ve been hearing for a while that it might be moving to Elk Grove. I just spotted an update at the Sacramento Business Journal that, while the Zoo is making good progress with the plans, we should continue to have the zoo closer to Roseville for at least another 5 years.

Happy Holiday Fun!

Have a lovely holiday weekend and – speaking of grandkids and kids – check out these fun coloring pages for Presidents Day for them and you, courtesy of ChatGPT and me. Awwww, another cute rhyme 😊😊😊😊


Lincoln and Washington Happy Presidents Day






















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