The Strawberry Festival, AKA BerryFest 2015, Was a Roseville CA Delight

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Berries everywhere-including the delightful strawberry - at the Berry festival 2015 at the Placer County Fairgrounds in Roseville CA via Kaye Swain REALTOR
The Strawberry Festival Roseville CA 2015 AKA BerryFest

BerryFest 2015 has come and gone and from what I saw when I was there, was much enjoyed by all. It was my first time attending and I was delighted to discover it was much larger than I thought. Held at the Placer County Fairgrounds in old central Roseville, it was smaller than the county fair but with many of the same things you’d find at a fair, including fun rides, fresh fruit to buy, and even deep-fried strawberries! Wow!

BerryFest 2015 in Roseville California – Highlights

Some of the highlights for me included:

The Rail Road Clubhouse

My husband and my uncle were both mega rail-fans and Model Railroad hobbyists – primarily HO. The clubhouse at the Placer Fair Grounds is a great size with delightful and huge layouts including N and HO. A lot of fun to see it and enjoy sweet family memories as well. The club will be holding another open house for the Placer County Fair in June.


Clothes and Other Cute Goodies

My K-9 Creations, a cute dog accessory vendor. Thanks to him, one of my granddogs is now sporting a very stylish football scarf that attaches to the collar instead of having to be tied on. Here are just some of their many options.

Flowers and Fruits

The many fruit and flower vendors. We enjoyed delicious and uber fresh strawberries from one and the sunflowers for my senior mom’s Mother’s Day gift was picked in another’s garden that morning.

The Boy Scouts Are Wonderfully Busy in Roseville CA

Boy Scouts were everywhere, for a fun Scout-O-Rama, sharing camping tips, helping all of us around, conducting craft activities, and being a great example of helpful young men. With a son-in-law and a sweet hubby who were past boy scouts, it was another lovely treat for us.

Boomers and Seniors

The Strawberry Festival was a fun and tasty way to start Mother’s Day and we enjoyed taking home our goodies and sharing them with my mom, who hadn’t felt up to going with us. Even though it was small it did, of course, require quite a bit of walking. For many older boomers and seniors, that can be an issue. Particularly if they are not comfortable using a wheelchair.

Roseville CA is a delightful big yet small town America

Roseville CA is a large and thriving city with so much to see and do. As a Roseville REALTOR I love to share about them all with neighbors and clients. And I especially love how it also remembers its roots and has plenty of “Small Town America” activities for us all like county fairs (don’t forget – the Placer County Fair is coming up soon – June 25-28), Downtown Tuesday Nights, Strawberry Festival Roseville CA 2015 / BerryFest and more. Big thanks to Johnny Javidan for all his hard work on this fun outing.

And don’t forget…with all the Patriotic Holidays coming up, there will be plenty more fun activities including the 4th of July festivities. Hip hip HOORAY !  🙂

P.S. Did you notice the cute pink scarf for the granddogs above? Not to mention the very spring-y and local and yummy Roseville CA strawberries I bought at the BerryFest 2015. 🙂   HAPPY PINK SATURDAY 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Strawberry Festival, AKA BerryFest 2015, Was a Roseville CA Delight”

  1. Wish I could have attended this event. I love fresh strawberries and am sure the ones from there are much better than what we get in the stores.

  2. I Love festivals like this…especially a Strawberry Festival…come by and see my post on strawberries. 🙂


    Thanks for the visit BJ. I did, indeed, pop over to see your strawberry post and thoroughly enjoyed your lemon post too 🙂 Have a great week!




    They were definitely yummy! I’m with you that the fresh ones are definitely a delight. 🙂 

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