Summer Gardening in Sacramento Roseville CA Area

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Are you new to our lovely Roseville Sacramento area? Or maybe you are new to summer gardening in Sacramento Roseville CA Area?  Or maybe just gardening in general in the  Sacramento Roseville area?

  • Good news! The Placer County Master Gardener’s website to the rescue!  Click here for info on growing vegetables.
  • Plus Green Acres, one of the top gardening stores Roseville CA offers, has a great checklist too – just check here.
  • If berries, cherries, and other fruits, not to mention nuts, are more your thing, click here.
  • If what you really want to deal with is easy maintenance, low watering needs – the City of Roseville has great info for us on that topic – just click here.
  • And for all of us ROSEville-ians (and our surrounding cities ) – click here for an interesting chat with Farmer Fred and one of our area’s master Rosarians!
  • All this reading make you too tired to start a garden? Click here , here , here, and here for great lists of the farmer’s markets  in our Roseville Sacramento area!

If YOU have any great resources for summer gardening in Sacramento Roseville CA area, we’d love to hear it. Just leave a comment below, email me at, or pop over to Facebook – I’m @KayeSwainRE. We’d love to hear your suggestions. 😀

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