Kaye Swain real estate agent Roseville CA shares Green Waste residential trash collection pick up tips more

6 Useful Tips About Roseville Green Waste And More

Homes Roseville CA Is it green waste pickup today or next week? While walking and chatting on the phone with my sweet mother-in-law recently, I was stopped by one of my neighbors. “Is today green waste pick-up day?” she asked.   I had to think and then reply honestly, “I have no clue. With the holiday […]

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Roseville CA Recycle and Trash Options by Kaye Swain Roseville Real Estate Agent

Trashy Questions for Us in Roseville CA

Once upon a time, when we had a computer that was getting old or a bed mattress that we no longer needed, we could call our local thrift store (I like Salvation Army and Goodwill). But nowadays, many thrift stores won’t accept some electronics or mattresses for varying reasons. So what DO you do with an […]

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