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Roseville California Area Holiday Happenings and More 12 2 23

Roseville CA Area Holiday Things To Do 12-2-23 and Beyond

Hello to you from Roseville CA and the surrounding area, where our snowmen are made of GOLF BALLS. (I just had to share this pix coz it’s SO cute! AND weather-wise, it’s very true as well which I really appreciate. šŸ˜Š. Christmas Delights THIS WEEKEND Holiday Pops The Holiday Pops are performing tonight and tomorrow […]

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Christmas bokeh light background abstract

Lincoln, Rocklin and Roseville CA Holiday News 2023

Holiday News 2023 for Roseville, Rocklin, and Lincoln 2023 Tis the season for catching up on lots of fun holiday happenings in our area. Featuring Roseville CA holiday news 2023, followed by Rocklin’s holiday news and then Lincoln’s. Roseville CA Holiday News 2023 Here’s a snapshot view of most/all of the City of Roseville California’sĀ  […]

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Roseville California Joys 11-11-23

Holiday Happening News in Roseville CA Area 11-11-23

HAPPY VETERANS DAY to all our VETERANS! Today’s Holiday Happening news in Roseville CA area and throughout the country is that it is VETERANS DAY!!!Ā  Did you know that has “64 Veterans Day food deals: Free meals, coffee and more” for around the country.Ā has several too . And both have Applebees on […]

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Fall Back November 4 2023 in Roseville CA area

Halloween, Pumpkin Pies, and Holiday Craft Fairs in Roseville CA Area

FUN FUN FUN WEEK TO COME WITH HALLOWEEN, HOLIDAY CRAFT FAIRS IN ROSEVILLE CA AREA AND MORE! It’s time for Halloween fun (INCLUDING TONIGHT!!!), November and pumpkin pies not to mention other scrumptious goodies, delightful craft fairs in Roseville CA, and so much more. Check it out… HALLOWEEN FUN Halloween is coming! TUESDAY, 10-31-23!!! Whether […]

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