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Sacramento international airport rabbit where I had some fun with Prisma App

Fun FAQs, Tips, Info About Closest Airport to Roseville California, Plus!

Love the Sacramento International Airport WOW! Talk about jet setting! I literally just returned home from a fun, short, and whirlwind visit to see kids and grandkids via the closest airport to Roseville California – the Sacramento International Airport. It was a delightful trip full of joys, smiles, giggles, games, and exhaustion – something many […]

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Horses are Sweet Joys Including in Roseville

Horse Joys! Aren’t horses awesome! My kids and grandkids all appreciate the grace and beauty of horses and some are just plain enthralled with all things horses. Few of us have been able to purchase horse property, but we’d all love too. Maybe someday! There are so many great ways we can enjoy time with these beautiful creatures. […]

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