Kaye Swain Roseville REALTOR does love pickle ball with link

Park News in Roseville CA 5-19-23

Roseville CA is In the News Again! There’s some interesting news in Roseville CA for residents!  Did you know we have added two more parks? Both are in my neck of the woods of West Roseville, CA! Four Corners Park Four Corners Park is located at 6101 Garland Way, Roseville, CA 95747. This 1.2 acre […]

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Rainbow at Walmart Roseville California

Changes are Coming to Our Roseville CA Area

Smiles In Roseville CA I shared about the Sun City Roseville art festival a couple of weeks ago. As some already know, I was quite excited to learn I had won one of the lovely works of art that were for sale. And it was one of my favorites! The piece is titled “Smiles” and […]

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Radio Joys In and Around Roseville CA

SOME MY FAVE THINGS TO DO IN THE CAR IN ROSEVILLE CA Over the past few years, while traveling to various points in the United States, I've made an astounding discovery! We are SUPER blessed by GREAT radio station options in our area. I used to live in Southern California and found it almost as grand down […]

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