Sacramento International Airport to Our Rescue!

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Kaye Swain Roseville Real Estate Agent shares Sacramento International Airport Spiderman Bunny

Grandkid Joys

Grandkids are such sweet delights – whether they live near by or far away. I’m blessed with bothย local grandkids and long-distance grandchildren. Last week, I was blessed to spend a few days with some of my long distance sweeties, thanks to Southwest Airlines via the Sacramento International Airport.

Spiderman Bunny Joys

Of course, I had to get another photo of the cool greeting as you walk into the Airport. The “Spiderman Bunny,” as my grandkids and I love to call him, always puts a smile on my face.

Dead Battery NO Joys

He gave me another smile when I returned home and headed to my car. And, oh my! I needed that smile! Apparently, I accidentally turned on the back seat light when getting out my luggage before my trip. So now I had a DEAD car battery at the end of my plane trip at Sacramento International Airport! At 10:30 pm!!!! What to do!!!!!!!!

Sacramento International Airport Joys

I was very thankful to remember a sign I had seen years ago in another airport (not the Sacramento International Airport). It stated that the airport provided battery jumps for those, like me, who returned from their flights to discovery dead batteries. Hoping the Sacramento Airport offered the same service, I headed back to the elevator. There I spotted a phone and, after looking at my options, dialed O for operator. I explained my situation and she said they do, indeed, have a similar service. 15 minutes later, a lovely young woman appeared with a portable charger. Five minutes after that, I was on my way, my smile bigger than ever, and NO charge for the sweet service.

Sweet Roseville Area Joys

Many thanks to the Sacramento International Airport and other airports across the country that supply this much needed help. Air travel is exhausting and stressful in the best of times. This made a long day much easier and less stressful! Talk about sweet Roseville area joys! ๐Ÿ™‚

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