Fun Holiday Things to Do In Roseville CA With Grandkids!

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Thanksgiving Season Has Started in Roseville CA

It’s November 1, the mild rain has been falling thru the day, and I should be working on a real estate project I started earlier for myself. But that led to Thanksgiving pictures and here I am – being delighted by a variety of Thanksgiving pictures, projects, and ideas. So I decided to combine my two loves – real estate and fun things to do in Roseville CA with grandkids!

The holiday season has definitely started and it’s time for friends and family – whether nearby, far away travel, or zooming anywhere. And I’ve got at least one idea for each of those and several for right here in Roseville CA πŸ˜€

Fun Ideas for Kids and Grandkids at Home

Check out my cute pix of jokes I made to share with my grandkids – I DO love jokes, riddles and play on words.

Notice the capitals in the PS of the picture. Washable everything for my grandkids is a mega sanity saver (and yes, I really do use Crayola – their products have never failed me).Β  My grandkids can have fun and then we can clean up easily.

I buy washable markers, crayons, you name it, if it’s washable THAT’s what I buy. I even buy washable glue and glue sticks. Here are two of my favorites – the purple that disappears with the glue stix helps my littler grandkids figure out where they have already put the glue. πŸ™‚

The next time my grandkids come over, we are going to have fun making these cute turkeys!Β  Along with some funΒ  coloring projects like this. I bought this from Edu-clips when she had her own site. Now she has moved and you can find more of her great drawings, for cute coloring pages of all kinds, at – this link goes to a different but just as cute set that comes with the pix in color AND in black and white (my fave way to buy). If you look at any others, just be sure to read the notes thru to check if you are getting the black and white version for coloring as well as the colored version for other craft options.






Holiday Cooking Things to Do With the Grandkids

Click here for a page from HGTV with tons more fun holiday things to do with the grandkids.Β  I especially like the turkey cupcake (see it below – pinned to my “things to do in Roseville CA” Pinterest page).Β  I already have most of the ingredients. I just need some chocolate frosting for the body – and we’ll use our round sugar cookies instead of making cupcakes. I can’t WAIT til the come over again to do this fun project.

Some of the Fun Things to Do In Roseville With Grandkids Out and About in November and December


Some of the things to do in Roseville with grandkids that I already know about include:

  • The Ice Rink at Bayside Granite Bay is back on Friday, November 19 through til January 3! Each skate session has limited capacities so we encourage you to purchase tickets online ahead of time. Click here for details.
  • The Sylvia Besana Holiday Parade – Saturday, November 20, Downtown Roseville
  • Also on November 20, Bayside Adventure begins their holiday light extravaganza that goes thru December 31!Β  There are FREE tickets for this event that are required for entry to maximize your experience and to keep our roads safe. Click here for details
  • The annual Turkey Trot on November 25!Β 
  • Brand new this year, join Bayside Blue Oaks for an immersive Christmas experience in their indoor park with snowball fun, inflatables, holiday crafts, and MORE! These will be on December 10, 11th, 17th, and 18th – There are FREE tickets for this event that are required. Click here for details.
  • December 1 – 17 there are a ton of fun holiday activities in Downtown Roseville and beyond. Go to Roseville.CA.US/guide for the PRL booklet with events all through it.

WOW! What a great start to the holiday season!Β  πŸ¦ƒπŸŽ„πŸ˜€

Your Turn!

What are YOUR favorite things to do in Roseville CA with your grandkids and kids?Β  We’d love to hear.




P.S. I’ll try to update more here but keep your eyes on my Pinterest Boards – Things to Do In Roseville AND Grandkid-Fun, as well as join my Facebook Group – RosevilleCaliforniaJoys for faster updates. πŸ˜€For boomers and seniors – you might enjoy my Facebook Group – Retirement Living Roseville.

P.P.S. If you are looking to buy in the Roseville area – whether regular residential, 55+, new homes, etc. check out my real estate blog –

P.P.P.S. Have a GREAT WEEK! πŸ˜€




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