Valentines Day Roseville CA 2019 [And Other Winter Items of Interest]

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Roseville California Joys on GOOGLE

Valentines Day Fun 2019 Roseville California JoysWOW! Would you believe it! Roseville California Joys is on page ONE of Google for Valentines Day Roseville CA! That’s cool!ย  And thanks to last year’s Super Bowl location, we are also on page ONE of Google for Super Bowl Roseville CA.

Sigh. We are only on page 5 of Google for Winter in Roseville California, though we are much higher up in Bing and Yahoo – but those are for a Christmas article – since Christmas does come in the first few days of Winter. But what about the REST of Winter? Like the aforementioned Valentines Day Roseville CA and Snow Days and Super Bowl? Even St Patricks Dayย (page ONE – WOOHOO) is in WINTER in Roseville CA (and other places, as well, of course! ๐Ÿ™‚ ). (And if you add my other blog, – we’re on page ONE for “Does it Snow in Roseville CA?”) ๐Ÿ™‚

Hmmmmm, can you tell I may have had a wee bit too much of that yummy Trader Joe’s dark chocolate and coffee today! I’m definitely having WAY too much fun with this topic. Soooo, let’s do some fun exploring with it! After all, we’re also page one for FUN THINGS DO ROSEVILLE CA (Can you tell Google’s english isn’t always that great????)!

Fun in the Sun AND Rain in Winter in Roseville

Roseville Parks and Recreation

Roseville Parks has their latest Park and Recreation activities booklet OUT! You can check out all the fun activities, for young and old and in-between! Just click here.

Does It Snow in Roseville CA?

If you are wondering, “Does it snow in Roseville CA?” the answer, surprising to many, is YES! Not often, mind you! But I did some research that I shared at my real estate blog,, in the article, Wondering About the Winter Weather in Roseville CA? and was pleasantly surprised to discover it has snowed a handful of times. Apparently, always when I’ve been out of town! Here’s one fun example from 2009.

It also “snows” most years right in the heart of Roseville in the Downtown Square for our Christmas tree lighting (and occasionally other) events. Here’s a fun view of our 2016 “snow storm” with the lighting event.

SNOW Much Fun For Snow Days ELSEWHERE

We may not get snow days off for school – but we can still enjoy some fun snow day announcements from two VERY talented school administrators in Michigan. Aren’t these GREAT!

Super Bowl Roseville CA

Wondering what Roseville CA has to do with last year’s Super Bowl?ย Click here for the full details. Or maybe you’d just like some fun ideas for THIS year’s Super Bowl Sunday?

Superbowl Sunday Fun 2019 at Roseville California Joys

  1. I gotta admit – I’m not a football fan OR a Super Bowl fan (unless I someday have a grandkid in one – then I’ll be hollering louder than ANYONE!) BUT I do enjoy reading about positive examples set by various players – like these.
  2. Like Trivia? Check out these Super Bowl Fast Facts from CNN.
  3. Got kids for this always popular football game? Here are some fun and free printable coloring pages and puzzles for the younger set from DLTK.
  4. And while Enchanted Learning is geared for kids – their jokes and riddles are fun for all ages. Enjoy!
  5. Yummmm – Good Housekeeping has some tasty treats to share!
  6. I can’t decide which I like best – the French Dip Sliders, theย Pull-Apart Garlic Bread Pizza Dip, or one of the other 70+ Super Bowl Super Menu ideas from Delish!
  7. Today, KCRA featured local food expert Patty Mastracco from iDOfood.comย and she shared some delicious and wonderfully easy ideas. One was buying several bags of various nuts, including flavored ones. Put each into different buckets or bowls and it makes a tasty “nut bar.” Another was to buy several different flavors of dips for a “dip bar.” Great for healthy treats like celery (or not so healthy but always popular chips.)ย  That episode isn’t posted at YouTube (at least, not yet) but here’s one from a few years ago with even more delicious looking ideas.

Valentines Day Roseville CA

A heart shaped pizza, made specially for Valentine's day.

OK – wanna know who probably has heart-shaped pizza in Roseville this year? According to Popsugar AND their own website, California Pizza Kitchen will be featuring yummy heart-shaped pizza delights and other goodies (dine-in) from February 13-17. PLUS I called them and they verified they plan to do this. YAY!

If you want more choices you can TRY last year’s options. It’s still a bit early so one I called was saying no, but when it gets closer, that could change. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Personally – my favorite option is to make it yourself! I’ll be doing that with a grandkid or two this year and I can’t wait! Grab a couple of Pillsbury pizza crust packs in the fridge section at your fave restaurant, like Raley’s (I LOVE their delivery options!). Make a circle, fold it in half and cut out half a heart shape. Open it and decorate to your hearts content. My fave toppings are Boboli pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, olives, artichoke hearts, and spinach. My mom and grandkids prefer pepperoni. Maybe you’d like pineapple, green peppers, ham and cashews (our old fave back in the past ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) Another option is to grab my favorite pizza crust – Bobboli – and again, fold it in half, cut a heart shape out, and voila. Either way – use the extra cut-off pieces with cookie cutters to have fun with the kids and grandkids. And check this out – another fun way to make a Valentines Day pizza. ๐Ÿ™‚

A different take on Valentines Day Pizza Roseville CA 2019

Coloring Pages for Winter Fun

Valentines Day Delights

Enjoy some coloring page fun with the grandkids for winter fun INSIDE. We may not get snow but rain can definitely keep y’all inside so have fun with these. And Happy Winter, Happy St. Patricks Day, Happy NO-SNOW days, and Happy Valentines Day in Roseville CA ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Valentines Day free printable from Kaye Swain Roseville California Joys

Valentines Day card for older kids from Kaye Swain Roseville California Joys


Happy St Patricks Day

Have a beary fun St Patricks Day Kaye Swain Roseville CA


Happy Winter to You ALL

Happy Winter y’all. And for those, like me, who can’t wait til Spring… It’s getting CLOSER! AND, according to CapRadio, the groundhog says spring will be EARLY. (Tho sadly, they also report that “The famous furry marmot…is not the most accurate forecaster. Since 1887, Phil’s winter prognostication has only been correct 39 percent of the time, according to Stormfax Almanac’s data.”) Whether he’s right or wrong, the CALENDAR shows it’s CLOSE! YAY! Andย  since Winter as well as Valentines Day Roseville CA is usually nice weather no matter what he sees, I say HIP HIP HOORAY! How about you?


LOVE our Roseville Homes!

P.S. Once our current rain clears out, if you’re in the mood to enjoy our non-snowy weather with some fun house hunting in West Roseville, do click here and enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚




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