Walking Trails and Other Healthy Walking Options in Roseville CA

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Exercise is Vital For Everyone!

Regular exercise is vital for all of us. That goes from our young kids and grandkids on up to boomers and even elderly seniors. And one of the easier ways to exercise is walking. Walking fast, walking slow – both are quite useful. And here in Roseville CA, we have so many lovely walk options to enjoy, making those required times of exercise to be much more pleasurable. What sorts of ways? I’m glad you asked πŸ™‚

Walking outside on sidewalks or walking trails

The delightful and proactive city of Roseville CA has purposefully worked to have walking trails and bikeways throughout the city. The paths are sometimes hardscaped, other times natural dirt, and all that I’ve been on (quite a few) are lovely.

Ours is a bike-friendly and walking/jogging friendly city and my family and friends all appreciate that very much. The city provides an excellent map of the various trails along with bike ways, parks and more and you can CLICK HERE to find the link for it along with other great recreational resources for Roseville at my Pinterest board.

Walking Inside while enjoying some window shopping

Did you know that many malls across the country allow people to come in early before the stores are open. They are allowed to walk all around the mall in order to get healthy exercise in a safe and warm environment. I’m very proud and appreciative to say that the Westfield Galleria at Roseville CA is one of those malls. That was such a sweet blessing for us a few years ago when my senior dad’s Parkinsons Disease progressed to the point where he could no longer golf with his Sun City Roseville buddies. But he, my mom, and I made new friends as we walked around the mall most mornings, saying hi to familiar faces, and enjoying seeing the various holiday decor the stores used throughout the year. That commitment to daily exercise kept my dad going til just the last two months of his life and I hope I have at least half his determination to stay active always!

Treadmills are a treat

We’ve had treadmills off and on over the years, depending on the size of our homes. Right now, ours is tucked away in the garage, but since we’re walking outside all the time, that’s OK. In past years, we’ve been able to have it in the living room and it was so handy during a prolonged rainy season. Personally, with the drought issues we’re dealing with in Roseville, I’m really HOPING for a prolonged rainy season – but with no flooding! If that happens, I might be tempted to try and bring it into the house.

Walmart and other big stores

For years, my senior mom and I would head off to shop at the big Walmart in cold weather – partly to shop, largely to give my mom a chance to walk without getting too cold. They make so many of these stores so large, it’s a fun way to get your exercise. And if you want to be sure you don’t buy anything – leave the cards and money at home. (Nope, we never did πŸ™‚ ).

If you want to save money when walking at the Roseville CA walmart you could leave your cards and money home via Kaye Swain Christian Blogger and REALTOR

Any Which Way – Walking is Grand!

However you get your walking in, you’ll be glad you did. It’s great exercise for your body, your mind and even your emotions. And I have to say, I really appreciate all the great options we have here in Roseville CA. A sweet joy, indeed!

P.S. WOW! Surrounded by golf courses the way I am, how could I forget another great way to enjoyΒ walkingΒ – playing golf at one of the lovely golf courses here in Roseville CA.😊




2 thoughts on “Walking Trails and Other Healthy Walking Options in Roseville CA”

  1. Linda Palmiere

    I would like to purchase in Sun City Roseville to be closer to my brother. I am from Southern California and am spoiled by our weather condition year round which has made it possible for me to walk every day with my dog. I would like to know if the hot summers and rainy winter months in Roseville prevent people from walking on a regular basis. Is the heat unbearable for walking in the summer? Does the rain prevent activity in the winter? I would appreciate your comments. Thank you

  2. Hi Linda – I apologize for not spotting this sooner. I love to walk year round (and used to live in Southern California 😊). I think you would be fine to move here. Yes we have some rainy days and some very hot days – but as I recall, our climate up here is much better than what we had in the San Bernardino area (if you are by the coast, that would be a different story, of course. We have “delta breezes” most of the summer and on those days, as long as I walk in the shade, I could walk in triple digits and still not be too hot. And we generally only have a couple weeks or so of triple digits. Plus Sun City has main streets to walk on with great shade. Rainy days do mean a few times we might not walk, tho I have actually walked in the rain with an umbrella and rain coat. Other times, I just walk around the house a lot (I got into that habit when my sweet mom was having health issues and I still often do it. I walk less than I used to, due to work, but I rarely miss out on walking due to weather. Feel free to give me a call if you’d like to discuss it further or ask more questions – 916-768-0127 😊 —Kaye

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