West Roseville CA 95747 Cute Critters, Water Ponds, and More

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Glorious Rain in West Roseville CA 95747 Area

Hasn’t the rain been glorious here in Roseville CA, including West Roseville CA 95747 where these photos and videos were taken, as well as the Sacramento area in general? Not to mention the snowpack up in our mountains?

Grateful for El Nino

We’re so grateful for the much-needed rain to our drought-parched neck of the woods! Four years of drought! We’re not “out of the woods” yet but we’re definitely doing MUCH better in the rain department thanks to the El Nino that has brought so much rain in the past few months. And best of all, it’s been coming in chunks with good breaks of dryness between which has protected us from any street flooding and other headaches if we got too much rain in one spot at one time. In fact, as you can see, we’re enjoying another warm break from the rain while most of the country is under more winter weather watches and warnings.

Kaye Swain West Roseville CA 95747 neighborhood REALTOR blogger shares great weather report

Cute Critters West Roseville CA 95747

Critter watching is definitely one of my favorite things do Roseville CA! While walking in the West Roseville CA 95747 area this week, I stopped to enjoy a fave new pond (yes, I know it’s a giant rain puddle but the cute critters and I are still mightily enjoying it) that has “sprung” up due to the rain. By summer, I fully expect this to be totally gone. But while it’s here, I’m enjoying it thoroughly along with several cute critters like my beloved egret (do you notice how I lay claim to it – along with probably tons of others who enjoy seeing it)  For some reason, this egret is brown – I’m guessing he’s been swimming in the pond’s murkiness? Or perhaps he is a second egret who really is brown. Either way, they’re a thrill to see, along with some adorable ducks and even some awesome geese.

Videos from Walking in West Roseville CA 95747

Here are some videos I shot of them from a bit of a distance. I apologize that they’re not the best quality. But they do give you a hint of the many critter joys here in Roseville CA all over and, in this case, in West Roseville CA 95747.

Believe it or not, the “brown-ish” egret from this past week is in this pix though it is a bit hard to see.

While this egret (I’m assuming he’s the same but???) photo is from a couple weeks ago. You CAN see him in this picture as he cheerfully posed very nicely for me.

These two cute ducks appear to be feasting away in the rain puddle/pond.

Aren’t these geese gorgeous as they fly in?

Another Great Accolade for Roseville CA

These cute critters and I so appreciate all the nature preserves we have all through Roseville CA – here in West Roseville CA 95747 but also East Roseville CA 95661 and yes, right in the heart of Roseville California 95678. According to the city’s website, there are over “4,000 acres of open space – that’s about 1 acre for every 25 residents.” Isn’t that awesome! All the wonderful amenities our sweet city offers like shopping, eating, fun activities and things to do here in Roseville yet a country flavor throughout! No wonder for our recent claim to fame – “Roseville / Sacramento CA named #2 Growth City in United States.”

Love West Roseville CA 95747 Great Options

All of Roseville CA is lovely and each area has so many special things to love. I especially appreciate the golf courses, parks, walking trails, and cute critters here in my neck of the woods in West Roseville CA 95747.

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