West Roseville Changes, Citrus Heights Neighbor Idea, and More

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West Roseville

Safeway Shopping Center in West Roseville with Carls Jr, Bank of America and early spring flowering fruit trees in February 2023
Safeway Shopping Center in West Roseville with Carls Jr, Bank of America and early spring flowering fruit trees in February 2023 😀


Wow! Hasn’t the weather been fascinating all up and down California! Nope, I don’t believe we actually got any snow here in Roseville in general, let alone West Roseville specifically, but we did get a bit of hail. And definitely lots of rain, including the day I took the photos above. And the spring flowering trees and flowers continue to pop up, to the dismay of my allergies, but also to the happiness of my heart! 😱😀

Another interesting meeting is coming up for various proposals and changes in the West Roseville area, along with a neighbor request and even a possibly encouraging “rumor.” Check it all out…

City of Roseville Draft Environmental Impact Report

The City of Roseville has released a Draft Environmental Impact Report (Click here to see this EIR) detailing plans to replace at least parts of a local environmental preserve(?) with a warehouse and trucking center called the Roseville Industrial Park, that is located in West Roseville. It is listed as being at 6382 Phillip Rd. Roseville CA. Here’s a map showing the location of that address.

The red dot is where google shows 6382 Phillip Rd
The red dot is where google shows 6382 Phillip Rd. The street with the two white lines in the bottom right – enclosing Roseville Energy Park – is Westbrook\\


The city is requesting comments so now is the time to speak up whether you love it or hate it. 😊 Review the information in the EIR pdf and then send your comments to Shelby Maples <smaples@roseville.ca.us> by March 20th.  Comments provided by email should also include “Roseville Industrial Park Project Draft EIR Comment” in the subject line, and the name and physical address of the commenter in the body of the email.

If you can make it, it is also recommended that you come to their in-person meeting and share any feedback you might have. The Roseville Planning Commission is hosting that meeting on  March 1st at 5pm at 311 Vernon.

If you live in Roseville, you are also welcome to join RCONA’s – Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Associations’ – Facebook group where you will find some neighbors discussing it and sharing info there.

Fiddyment Farms in West Roseville Needs Your Help!

25 Fiddyment Farms needs YOU
Fiddyment Farms needs YOU


A message from one of our West Roseville Fiddyment Farms neighbors:

“If you or anyone you know lives in or around West Roseville and is interested in being a volunteer crossing guard one to two times a week for 30min each time, Fiddyment neighbors would be eternally grateful. This area has grown so fast and the city can’t staff any crossing guards in our area. We have had a few incidents involving kids and cars and need all the help we can get to make it safe. Your time will make all the difference. The city will pay all the fees associated with getting you set up, train and equip you with everything you need to keep our kids safe. Click this link to get started – https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c044daba628a0fb6-crossing?useFullSite=true#/

Rumors Floating About Costco in West Roseville

I have NO idea if this is truly valid, but I spotted it on Facebook or Next Door and found it hopefully intriguing and I pass it on to you with hope but NO guarantees.  😁

The writer stated that he had “received info from a Costco worker that Loomis Costco plans to open in September 2023 and the Costco near Baseline and Fiddyment in March 2024, with a gas station and car wash, and will be much larger than current Roseville store.” It will definitely be fun to watch and see if this works out or not… And if YOU know anything, we’d love to hear it. 😀

Broader Roseville Area Info

Smart Meters Coming to Roseville

Did you get your notification about the smart meters that will be installed in Roseville starting this year – both water and electric?  You can find more information about it, including the option to opt out. Just click here —>>>> https://www.roseville.ca.us/cms/one.aspx?portalId=7964922&pageId=17549779

I’ll have to admit, I do hope these “smart meters” are smarter than Siri – she makes SO many messes with my phone messages! 🤣

 Lincoln Hills Golf Club Tournament

Did you know that, even though the gorgeous Lincoln Hills Golf Course is in Sun City Lincoln Hills, it is open to the public, just as the two Sun City Roseville golf courses are. And check out this intriguing Golf Tournament coming up at Lincoln Hills Golf Course on March 3. It could be a fun way of checking out the golf course or Sun City Lincoln Hills…or both! 😀

3 March Golf Tournament in Lincoln
1st Annual Zebra Baseball Golf Tournament at Sun City Lincoln Hills in Lincoln CA

Citrus Heights Community Block Party Trailer!

Per the City of Citrus Heights website, “The Citrus Heights Community Block Party Trailer is now available for reservations! Block parties are a great way to meet your neighbors, and the City of Citrus Heights wants to help neighbors connect! The new Community Block Party Trailer offered through the city’s Community Engagement Department is now available to reserve for neighborhood events.

The trailer comes with everything residents need to host a gathering, including tables, chairs, a sound system, coolers, trash receptacles, lawn games, and more. The Community Block Party Trailer is available for reservation on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once a reservation is confirmed and coordinated, the city drops it off and picks it up!”

“When we know and engage with our neighbors, we create a welcoming and safe place for everyone. “Citrus Heights has set big goals to increase community vibrancy and engagement,” says Mayor Tim Schaefer, ‘We are excited to offer the Community Block Party Trailer program to make it easy and fun for neighbors to connect.'”

Doesn’t that sound like fun! For more information on the program and how to reserve it, click here —>>> www.citrusheights.net/blockparty

Neighborhood Watch Is GREAT For ALL Our Cities

Rocklin Neighborhood Watch sign
One of Rocklin’s Neighborhood Watch signs


I’m a big believer in Neighborhood Watch AND Neighborhood Associations. They are fun, interesting, and a great way to be proactive in keeping your neighborhood safer! Here’s some city info on the various Neighborhood Watch options.

Roseville – Besides RCONA and our various neighborhood associations (which I love volunteering with), Roseville also has some great Neighborhood Watch options – including a new one – Virtual Neighborhood Watch – Click here to read more.

Rocklin  – Click here for their Neighborhood Watch overview and a link that leads to info to set one up.

Citrus Heights has an interesting handout about “Crime Prevention Through Environment Design” which also encourages neighbors, “To be fully effective, CPTED measures must be used as a part of a larger crime prevention effort. Consider joining or establishing a neighborhood watch group today.” To call them for more info,  (916) 725-2845.  And click here to download the brochure PDF. 😀 Hmmm, I wonder if you could use that mobile block party for a neighborhood watch meeting. I’m thinking you could?!? 😊

Lincoln has a great page about their Neighborhood Watch program as well. Click here for details.

Bottom Line From My West Roseville Locale and Our Entire Area

Great Info for all our cities as well as some specific tips of interest for Sun City Lincoln and West Roseville.

On top of that – I’ve been busy learning more interesting info to share with neighbors as well as my great real estate clients. I just earned my certification as a “CERTIFIED New Home Co-Broker” in addition to my existing PROBATE certification. (Which means I attended classes on both those topics to help me be even more helpful to my Roseville Area real estate clients. 😀).

I was also able to add the New Construction Home Listings Search “widget” to the right of my articles – (or maybe the bottom if you are on a smart phone?). And while I was at it, I also added a search of most single family homes available in Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, and Citrus Heights between $300,000 and $999,000.  VERY cool. Let me know how they work for you and what you think of them. 😀 And in the meantime, I’ll say good-bye for now and do have a GREAT week! 😀





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