What’s Happening in Roseville CA This Week 4-6-24?

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Happy April! Guess what’s happening in Roseville CA this week in my neck of the woods? We have enjoyed a few days of sunshine followed by morning rain and now sunshine and billowy clouds. A lovely spring day! Best of all, I have spring flowers popping up all around me including roses, camellias,  and azaleas. They are gorgeous and very encouraging!

What’s Happening in Roseville CA Area?


Here’s the latest newsletter for the FAB CLUB – Fifty and Better!  including the next Car Club Meet Up which is held at Mahany Park on the third Thursday of each month – which by my calendar looks like the next one will be April 18. VERY COOL INDEED.

Roseville CA Police Safety Updates

What’s happening in Roseville CA with our awesome Police Department? They are working on a new Roseville crime map that will be even more comprehensive than the one I’ve used for the past few years. Sounds very interesting, I must say!

It’s time for the latest 911 Public Safety Newsletter from Roseville Police Department. Click on each page to see it larger.


Would you like to check out their 2023 Annual Summary? Click here or on the picture below to review it.

Rocklin CA Reminds Us of National Distracted Driving Awareness Month

The Rocklin Police Department is reminding us all of the great need to eliminate all distractions while driving to keep us, and others, safe on the road. According to their post, “April is National Distracted Driving Awareness month. Distracted driving kills thousands of people nationally every year and takes many forms, including texting while driving, applying makeup, eating while driving, among other diversions.” So stay safe and drive safe everyone.

Help the SPCA AND Our Roseville CA Police Dept Animal Control Officers

Here’s a great opportunity to help the Placer SPCA fill our Animal Control Officer (ACO) truck! On Saturday, April 13th, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., Placer SPCA will be holding a pet food drive at Animal Nutrition Center in Roseville for all of their animals. They’ll be using the Roseville Police Department’s ACO truck to help fill their pet food pantry. Stop by, meet our Animal Control Officers, and help PSPCA fill their pantry!

Learn more – just click here

Rocklin CA Police Department News

Click here to review their crime updates, crime map, and more.

Lincoln CA Police Department News

Click here to review their crime map. You can also sign up for alerts there.

Jobs in Rocklin California

The City of Rocklin is currently hiring for Lifeguard and Senior Lifeguard positions to work at the Recreational Swim at the Rocklin High School pool from June 10 through August 9. All selected candidates will receive generous summer wage and can attain a free Lifeguard certification paid for by the City. WOW! That sounds AWESOME! The link for that and all their current jobs (and there are quite a few) is —>>>  Rocklin.ca.us/jobs 

Summer Fun Registration is Open in Lincoln CA


Lincoln’s parks and recreation summer registration is open and here’s a link to their catalog.It’s full of all sorts of fun things happening in Lincoln CA this summer from swimming to pickleball and so much more!  And in case you still need it, here’s the link for their winter/spring guide as well.

99 Cent Stores Closing

When I shared about Trader Joe’s moving into the 99 Cents Store on Fairway last week, some people wondered what was happening to the 99 Cents store. Obviously, it was going to be closing. But today, we discovered all the stores are closing. Such sad news for so many, including the employees. I’m grateful Dollar Tree is still here and seems to be going strong. They are a great resource as well. (FYI – he does say some but as the headline indicates, it is ALL of them.)

Eclipsing Expectations: A Guide to the Celestial Spectacle

Here’s an interesting video with info on when to expect to see the partial eclipse here.

Happy Spring Y’all!

Have fun exploring what’s happening in Roseville CA area including Rocklin and Lincoln. And be sure to sign up for my free newsletter, alerting you to when there’s a new post.








PS Thought y’all might enjoy a fun and free coloring page for kids and adults of some of the lovely spring flowers I’ve been spotting around Roseville CA

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