Yummy Fruits and Vegetables All Year In Roseville

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While running by Kaiser Medical Center on Douglas and Eureka in Roseville on Thursday, I remembered the Farmers’ Market that is held there every Thursday from 10-3, and it’s year-round!

I popped over to visit it and left with delicious treasures! Delightful sunflowers for my senior mom! A huge zucchini that reminds me of the ginormous ones my grandfather loved to grow. Farm fresh tomatoes that are almost as good as my senior mom’s. And gorgeously sweet and tasty strawberries!

Kaye Swain Roseville Real Estate Agent loves fresh farm strawberries

Those strawberries were the best treat of all for me! The ones I’ve been buying at the grocery stores (all brands) have not been all that sweet lately. I don’t use sugar so I was getting rather depressed with them. I asked the gentleman selling me the strawberries and he told me they’d just been picked that morning! And oh my, I’m back to thoroughly enjoying strawberries even though it’s mid-September! Awesome! He also told me that they expect to have them for at least another month! Don’t we LOVE California weather!


I shall definitely be visiting the Farmer’s Markets in our area much more often. In addition to Kaiser Medical Center’s Thursday Market, there is Whole Foods Tuesday market, which I believe is 8:30-1, year-round. Kaiser Riverside hosts one from 10-2 on Wednesdays year-round. Denio’s in Roseville has a big one on Friday, Saturday and Sunday each week all through the year. And have you heard about the brand new Farmer’s Market in Downtown Roseville? It’s in the Town Square by the City Hall on Vernon from 8 am – 1 pm on Saturdays, also year -round!

Fresh vegetables

We can enjoy locally-grown fresh fruit and veggies from Farmers’ Markets 6 days a week (none on Mondays) just in Roseville alone, year round! How handy is that! A great resource for all of us eating healthy – as well as everyone who just plain likes yummy fruits and veggies, not to mention lovely fresh flowers!  A sweet joy, indeed!

P.S. Want more options? Here are resources for Placer County and the Sacramento area! 🙂

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